Season 2 U Hugs Dolls

U Hugs are cute customisable dolls. These cool figures are made of a soft plastic, and each doll has 16 little holes in their body, which means you can attach the little accessories that come with the dolls, so you can create your own unique style!

Each U Hugs doll comes with their own accessories, which you can store in a secret compartment in their back when you are not using them. If you have more than one doll, you can mix and match their accessories, eyes, hair, clothes and shoes to create your very own unique little person, and now you can even buy packs of just accessories! It's fun to build up a collection and create a little friend that matches you perfectly, and swap any you don't want for your doll with a friend!

Each U Hugs doll also has a pretty diamond shaped pin at the top of their head, which you can use to hang up your U Hugs figure to display it!

We liked creating this sweet woodland pixie from the "Time Off Elf" and some added bits from the "Cheeky Kitten", and the little ones can't wait to collect more accessory packs to really make these lovely creatures their own!

You can find out more about U Hugs here, and find some Season 1 U Hugs below!

Season 1 - U Hugs: