Mine it Diamond and Mine it Gold

We were sent some really fun Mine it toys to try. It's a lot like those classic fossil unearthing toys we all love and remember from our own childhood, just cooler!

We were sent both the Diamond and the Gold version. Something really special about these toys is that 1 in 24 contains a real diamond or piece of gold, how brilliant and exciting is that?


The toys come with the tools you need to find your treasure, as well as a magnifying glass and a little bit of info so you can identify your find.

The digging itself is very fun and much, much better than those plaster dinosaur toys, do you remember how much work they used to be? The Mine it toys are really manageable even for young children, and not at all frustrating. I was really pleased with how rewarding it was for the tiny people to dig out their stones!


It was so exciting for everyone to find their special stone, and once they saw the first hint of it, there really was no stopping them!


The stones inside are lovely little cubes, one in each Mine it.


We used our book about rocks and minerals to find out more about our special stones, so it was a nice educational activity, too!


We had so much fun that we made a video for you, too, so if you want to see Caillou and the Mine it in action, have a look!

We really did have so much fun, it was a really pleasant and stress free activity for an afternoon, which also lead to more learning and discussion about our treasures. 

I hope you like these toys as much as we do, I know there will be a few Mine it boxes in the children's Easter baskets for sure!