Cicciobello Love’n’Care Doll

We were sent a beautiful Cicciobello Love’n’Care doll to try out, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Our sweet George absolutely adores babies, so we were so excited to try this toy before giving it to him after school!

The doll arrives in a big box that shows you all the things that are inside. As well as the doll, inside the box are three different plastic baby bottles each filled with a different liquid : One juice, one milk, and one medicine.

There is also a special thermometer, a dummy, a plastic syringe, and a lovely blue plastic stethoscope.


The doll is a great size and weight, and feels very realistic to hold. The first thing Little did after holding the doll for a bit was give him a kiss. We named our doll Bobo, as that is what it said on the box.


The magic of the doll begins when you remove his dummy. Bobo will open his eyes and begin to make a crying sound. (His crying sound is relatively quiet.) His cheeks will begin to glow red! It’s very cool! (What you might like to know as a parent is that Bobo has an auto-shut-off, so he won’t just keep crying.)


Once Bobo’s cheeks are red, you use the thermometer in his ear to check whether he is ill.


Oh no! A red light means poor Bobo is unwell and it is up to his Mama or Daddy to make him feel better!

The children can choose several ways to make their baby feel better, they can give him juice, milk, medicine, his dummy, or, as a last resort, the syringe into his little doll bottom!


Once your child picks the right way to make Bobo better, Bobo will sigh with relief and stop crying. His eyes will slowly close and he will go to sleep!


Now your little one can cuddle your sweet baby and read him stories. Good job, little Mama or Daddy!

We absolutely loved playing with this amazing doll, it helps children learn about nurturing and can be a great tool for children who might have health problems and often take medicine or need injections. Georgie really liked holding Bobo because of how realistic he feels, and the way Bobo’s eyes close when he goes to sleep really adds to the realism of this toy. Bobo is a very lovable doll that will bring hours of fun play to little Mamas and Daddies, as well as aspiring little doctors.


The lovely Cicciobello Love’n’Care doll is available at Smyths Toy Superstore.

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Good Luck!