Twozies Playsets - Review

Today we are reviewing the absolutely fantastic Twozies!
Twozies are a super fun collection of adorable babies in animal hats who each come with a little animal friend! There are over 140 different characters to collect, and you can try and match up each of your babies with their matching pet friend!

Twozies come in fun little blister packs that retail at pocket money prices, making it easy to quickly build up a whole collection. They are also really great for swapping with friends when trying to match your baby with their favourite animal.

There are also several cool playsets in the Twozie collection.

The beautiful Two Sweet Row Boat set contains two little Twozies with their matching animal friends, a row boat with secret ways to play, tiny cakes for your Twozies and a fantastic shadow box frame with a pretty scenery background!
The Two Cool Ice Cream Cart also contains two Twozies with matching animal friends, an ice cream cart with secret ways to play and a shadow box frame with a cheerful background.
The Twozie playsets can be attached to the wall with any reputable brand wall hooks to create a whole shadow box display in which you can play or display your collection! This is probably our favourite about Twozies, it really sets them apart from other collectable items, coming with their own little play scene that doubles as a display case. Perfect for collectors!

We really loved that the Twozies have movable heads, which makes them fun to play with, not just collect!

The Twozies all seemed to have their own sweet personality, and we love creating stories and setting up our very own Twozie town, with Stretch the Giraffe as the mayor. 

We really love playing with Twozies, and we can't wait to add more new friends to our collection! If you, too, want to start your own Twozie collection, you can read more about them on Character Online or buy them on Amazon or your favourite toy shop!