I Do 3D Pen

Ever since we first saw a video of 3D pens, we had been wanting to try one. Little loves to draw, and Cai loves to build and design things, so we were super excited to play with the IDO3D 3D pen.

Inside the box are pens in different colours, a special blue light for hardening the things you draw, a special foil on which to draw, some patterns to trace and little plastic accessories to use with your creations.

We looked through the different projects and also had a look on the IDO3D website from where we printed the pattern for an awesome dream catcher!

Using the 3D pen was a LOT of fun. Some of the designs require you to draw the pieces flat on the special foil and connect them afterwards into a three-dimensional shape, but you can also use the pen and special light to draw vertically! This took quite a bit of practice, but it was so cool to be able to bring our drawings to life in this way, exploring a whole new way of creating art!

Following the patterns was easy, as you can just trace them straight onto the see-through foil with your pen, and then harden them with the little light. It took a lot more concentration than we thought it would, but the end results were very cool, and I think with a little more practice we can make some even cooler creations! 

If you'd like to know more about the IDO3D range, you can read more about them on Flair's website. You can buy lots of different sets on Amazon, too.