Hetty Household Cleaning Set by Casdon

We were sent this lovely Hetty Household Cleaning Set toy by Casdon
We are a big fan of roleplay toys, and anything open ended is usually a big hit, so we were very excited to try out our new cleaning collection.

The cleaning set contains a dustpan and brush, a broom, a dusting cloth, a sponge, three little bottles, a cardboard "carpet cleaner" box, and one soft mop. The set costs £10 and is great value for money!

All the bottles have the iconic and adorable little Hetty face on them, which Caillou loved. It was his first experience with this brand, and he really loves anything with faces, so it made him really happy!

The toy itself is great for open-ended play. My little ones love playing house, so being able to scoop up pretend dirt and make their space nice was great!

They had great fun doing a big clean to prepare their house for the pretend arrival of a visitor. 

The dustcloth and sponge are awesome for pretend cleaning all the toys, which was a lot of fun to do. It really inspired a whole big new way of playing house, including all those chores we do in the real world that had not been a part of their play so much before.

We really enjoyed being able to add this fun cleaning set to our collection of make-believe toys, it is well made and I think it will last a long time!

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