Portable North Pole

As you probably know, we are Jewish, which means that we don't celebrate Christmas,
but sweet George has always loved Santa! 
Since Georgie started going to school he has been hearing a lot about Santa these last few weeks, and goodness, he is excited! Georgie is still non-verbal, saying only very few words, but Ho Ho Ho is something he loves to say!
We were so happy to try out the Portable North Pole Console again this year, an absolutely perfect way to add magic to the holiday season! We use the Portable North Pole Magic Pass, which costs £9.99 and includes a personalised video from Santa, an HD video download of your messages from Santa, and a really brilliant new feature called the Reaction Recorder which records your tiny person's reaction to seeing their Santa message! How cool is that?!

The Magic Pass also includes unlimited Santa Calls with loads of super funny scenarios, and even a special Christmas Eve video and lovely Birthday Message from Santa on your child's birthday!
George's favourite part of the Portable North Pole Magic Pass is the magical Storytime with Santa, which gives you a new video each week in December. 
I wish I could show you a picture of sweet Georgie's face when he saw that Santa was talking to him, he was so beautifully happy and giggly, but also very jumpy, so we didn't manage to catch a good picture! 
If you are wondering whether the Portable North Pole Magic Pass is worth buying, to us it most definitely was. If you have a tiny person who loves this magical time of the year, if you want to add to your family's traditions and create new memories, the Portable North Pole is a great way to do this. 
Ho Ho Ho!