Kazoops - Just Imagine – Volume 1

Have you heard about Kazoops? It's an animated CBeebies TV series about a six-year old boy named Monty, and the family pet pig. The series is based on the amazing songs by songwriter and performer Scott Langley, and each episode debates big and important questions like "do things have to be the same all the time" or "do all games need rules?".
While I can't say much about the TV series, I know for sure that the music is absolutely amazing!
Kazoops have just announced the worldwide release of Just Imagine - Volume 1 on Friday 28th October, and, oh, we've been dancing!

You can listen to one of the songs below. They remind us of the beautiful, happy, and sunshine filled songs of Jack Johnson.
Kazoops are definitely not the kind of music aimed at children that makes the grown-ups roll their eyes, we've all been singing along together.

These unique songs really inspire children's imagination, and the lyrics are both clever and funny.
Putting on a few songs for a quick wriggle-break is a great way to turn any moment into a happy one!
You can buy the whole album or download songs individually, or just stream the music online!

in 2017 the awesome Kazoop songs will be released in 18 other languages, which sounds like an awesome way to learn a few words in a different language! Now, go wriggle to some awesome tunes, but don't wriggle too much, or you'll end up like these two, all wriggled out!

You can find Kazoops - Just Imagine – Volume 1 on Amazon here:

Just Imagine, Vol. 1
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