Magic Dip - Design Art Centre

Have you heard about this awesome craft kit called Magic Dip? We had the absolutely huge pleasure to try it out the other day. The packaging states "If you can dip it, you can colour it", which is of course a pretty big claim, but the box shows jewellery, phone cases and even shoes being coloured, so we were pretty excited!

The kit contained a special stand that holds your supplies, different colours of special marbling paint, fixing spray, glitter, two different sized bowls, a stirring stick, tongs, gloves, different plastic accessories, a bangle, a headband, birthday cards, and a plastic photo frame.

To set up the marbling paint you have to fill your bowl with at least 300ml of warm water. The next step is to squeeze in some drips of one colour, then drips of another colour. You then use the stirring stick to make swirls on the surface of the water.

Using the provided tongs, you now dip your item into the water. You have to be relatively speedy, as the paint dries quite quickly. Dip your item, lift it out, and place it on some paper to dry! You can then sprinkle on the provided glitter and use the fixing spray to hold it in place!

We dipped all of the provided plastic bits and still have lots of paint left over to dip other things. The instructions suggest that you can even dip ceramics like mugs and plates! Doesn't the design look beautiful? We loved the galaxy like swirls!

This was a pretty magical craft to do, and we really had so much fun doing it, it's a really creative and fun experience, and we love that the designs are different every time!! We can't wait to try out dipping some more things, they will make great gifts, too!

You can buy these cool kits on Amazon or in your local toy shop!