Kids Parcel

We received a super fun Kids Parcel surprise box in the post!

Kids Parcel boxes are these really cool, handpicked boxes that are sent to your child. Each box costs £29.99 and you can also include a free personalised message!

Each box is individually packed for your child, and there are different toys and activities, so there is something for everyone. It's so fun to receive a surprise, and with the Kids Parcel, it's a surprise for both the grown-up and the child!

There was much excitement when my two mice unpacked their special box. It included a great mix of items! Kids Parcel boxes are ideal if you are not sure what to get for someone's birthday, we loved our parcel!

Our box contained an adorable toy puppy, a beautiful fairy light craft kit, a pink Pukka Pad notebook, some playing cards, a pack of tsum tsums, and a bop it! game. 

It was the perfect parcel to receive on a rainy morning, and Little couldn't wait to start making the beautiful fairly lights!

Cai fell in love with the sweet puppy immediately.

We think Kids Parcels are a brilliant idea, such an easy way to get a great selection of toys.
We had a beautiful day making fairly lights, reading stories to the soft toy, playing cards, and trying to beat Daddy's bop it! high score. 

Thank you, Kids Parcel , for a fantastic surprise!