Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

We have had a huge amount of fun yesterday with these fantastic Ravensburger 3D Puzzles!
The sets with which we played were the Vase, Jewellery Tree, and Vanity Box versions.

One of the first things we noticed after opening the boxes was that on one side the puzzle pieces they were numbered and had arrows on them.

On the other side of the sturdy plastic pieces were beautiful, vivid colours!

Putting together these amazing 3D creations was so very satisfying! Being able to use the numbers as guides meant that there was never a moment where Little felt frustrated with the puzzles. Attaching the supporting plastic pieces to the finished puzzle was easy, too!

The beautiful Jewellery Tree came together so nicely, and the end result is stunning! One side shows a nighttime scene, the other a cheerful daytime scene. Little loved putting her jewellery onto the display, and the tray beneath is great for hairclips and other accessories! 

Our absolute favourite was the vase. Little said that she felt like a potter, creating a vase out of the smooth, curved pieces. The vase is fantastic, and includes a cup that twists into the base, so it is really usable!

The vase, too, features the beautiful unicorn pictures, one on each side. We were really absolutely amazed by how sturdy and smooth the finished vase was! 

The third puzzle in this collection was the Vanity Box. This puzzle included a puzzle for all four outside panels of the box, lining paper to make the inside beautiful, too, and a plastic top, bottom, and little bowl to go into the top of the box.

What was special about this puzzle were the corner pieces, which clicked into place. It was easy to build, and grew quickly!

This box, too, featured the different unicorn scenes. We loved seeing them so big, as the bright colours really made it stand out!

I particularly liked that all three puzzles are things that are actually useful, and Little loves that they all match, making her bedroom look really lovely and coordinated!

We were super impressed with these puzzles, we hadn't really done 3D puzzles like this before, but we will definitely be getting some more. It was such a peaceful morning spent putting these together, and the joy on Little's face, for putting them all together by herself, was just wonderful.