Photobook by Saal Digital

If you are anything like me, you have just about a million photos of your tiny people and all your brilliant adventures.
Just the other day we were talking about how nice it would be to look through a photo album again, and how that's not something we really do, so when the amazing people at  Saal Digital asked us whether we wanted to review one of their stunning Photobooks, we enthusiastically agreed.

We spent two weeks sorting through all of our family photos, picking favourite memories, happy moments and important milestones. 
The Saal Digital photobook software was fantastic. I was kind of dreading the part of actually putting together the pages, but there were pre-set layouts you could pick if you wanted to, stickers and text to add, and beautiful backgrounds, too!

We had a lot of fun picking the right backgrounds for each page, making collages of lots of pictures, or having two pages for an important memory.
The book arrived a few days after ordering, and goodness, it was stunning. We picked a 54 page book with a shiny cover and matte pages, and it is just perfect. I had expected the pages to be paper, kind of thing, but this book is not fragile. 

We loved looking at all our special memories in the book, so many things to see, to remember. 

This book has become such a family treasure already, sharing our family's journey through pictures. I wish we had done it sooner. We have had so many beautiful moments since this book arrived, giggling over the time a much younger Little made breakfast, Georgie's beautiful first steps, sweet Cai's birth and Mama's terrible haircut at the time!

I am so glad we created this beautiful photobook through Saal Digital , and I am sure we will create many more. I'm thinking maybe we could create one for each year from now on, opening it together on the first morning of the new year!