Painted Pebbles

Friends, we are back! 
We have had the flu for over a month now, and are still working on getting back to being healthy, but with the first sunny days sneaking into the British weather (and into my temperature blanket!) we felt we wanted to add some springtime cheer to our home. We thought some painted pebbles might make a nice addition to the spring bulbs that have started to bloom in the colourful pots on our windowsills.

We googled "painted pebbles" for inspiration and used some sharpies and acrylic paints to decorate some lovely white pebbles we picked up on our beach during a windy walk.

As well as adding these cheerful rocks to our flowerpots, they have also become story stones,

and little decorations spreading happiness and colour throughout our home.

These sweet pebbles were just what we needed, and I see another windy beach walk in our near future, the tiny people have already made plans for new stone designs!