Crochet Temperature Blanket

I wanted to share the start of my 2017 temperature blanket with you.
The idea is really simple, each day I add one row to my blanket, in one of seven colours, depending on the temperature on that day! 

There are a lot of colour suggestions online, but I thought I'd share the details of my blanket here with you, in case anyone else wants to make one! I started with 300 stitches, and all my rows are single crochet.
The weather here on the South Coast of the UK does not get very hot or very cold, so I picked small temperature variations for the colour changes:

0ºC and below: Cream
1ºC-6ºC: Storm Blue
7ºC-12ºC: Duck Egg
13ºC-19ºC: Saffron
20ºC-25ºC: Raspberry
26C-31ºC: Pomegranate
31ºC and above: Lipstick

So far I have only needed Storm Blue and Duck Egg, but I can't wait to see the finished blanket next year!
It has been really great, committing to adding one row to this blanket each day, because it means that I make sure to do something mindful each day, something for myself.
It only takes about 20 minutes to add a row while drinking a cup of tea, but even after just two weeks I am already finding myself looking forward to that little ritual!
I plan to add a special row of colour for everyone's birthday, but I have a little while yet before I need to decide.
For now, more duck egg!