Our word for 2017

Phew, what a month! Mister George has kept us on our toes, hence the silence!
It's good to be back! 
Have you all picked a special word for this year? Last year our word was "play", and we made sure to honour it as much as we could, trying new games, making sure to make time for our weekly board game night, and playing as much as possible in general. We really did need that whole year to adjust to our new life. This year, though, we were ready for a more busy kind of word.
Our word or 2017 is "create'. We plan to craft, make, build, and create as much as possible. We have some new hobbies which we can't wait to try out, too.
We wanted to display our 2017 word somewhere in our home, to make sure we see it all the time, so we made a quick and easy no-sew bunting. You can make your own, for your very own awesome intention word!

You will need:
Burlap fabric
Glue stick
Printer (optional!)

Start by printing your word onto paper. Cut out the letters and trace them onto the felt. Alternatively you can just draw them directly onto the felt. Cut out your felt letters.

Cut your burlap fabric into rectangles which are big enough to fit your letters. Use a glue stick to attach the letters to the burlap rectangle. 

You can then use a glue stick to fold the top of the burlap rectangle over your string. Let it dry and display your new awesome and inspiring word wherever you will see it often!
(How cool is Caillou's drawing of a centaur, and the brilliant rainbow menorah the squiggles made for Hanukkah?! So in love!)

I'm really excited to see how this year's word will help inspire us to do more! I'd love to hear your power word for this year, and whether you have picked a family motto, too!
Our motto for this year is "Nothing but happy." !
Much love, friends!