Nature Table - Step by Step - Step One

This week it has been beautifully rainy outside, and cosy inside. We felt it was time to change our Nature Table from Summer to Autumn. If you have been a reader of this blog for a little while, you'll know that Autumn is our most favourite season, and our Autumn Nature Tables are usually full of crafts, colour and nature treasures!
We thought it might be fun to put together a little step-by-step idea for creating your very own Nature Table in your home, so this is Step One for creating your very own Nature Table.

First of all, pick a space. This could be anywhere in your house. We wanted to move our Nature Table to the living room, so we will be starting with this little space. It's not exactly cosy just yet, but I can't wait to transform it into our new Autumn Nature Table! 


We like our Nature Table to be a little bit more, well, natural, so we started with a furniture board to fit the top of our shelf. 
You can find furniture boards in most DIY stores, they are really just untreated wooden boards, and you can usually get them cut to any size you need. We opted for an unstained one as we wanted to stain it ourselves.
To stain your wooden board, all you need is some instant coffee! 
Mix up about a tablespoon of instant coffee with about a cup of hot water, stir it well and let it cool down completely.

Paint your wooden board on all sides with the coffee and let it dry. Don't forget to paint the edges!

While your wooden board is drying, it's time to paint a little sign for your Nature Table.
To do this, all you need is some white card, some watercolour paints and a paintbrush.

Paint your white card with a gradient of colours. We decided to just paint one half yellow and then gently blend it into an orange colour. Straight lines will be fine, it doesn't have to be fancy, but if you like you can add details like leaves, acorns or trees!

When your paint has dried, use a darker colour to write the word "Autumn" onto your sign!

Now it's time to put your Nature Table together. Secure your wooden board to the area where you want your Nature Table to be.
Make sure it's super safe and won't increase the risk of your shelf falling over. It's usually best to secure it to the wall, especially if little hands might be exploring!
When your board is up and your sign is on the wall, it's time to add some lighting! 
We love our Himalayan Salt Lamp and our Moroccan Fairy Lights. Pick something that will give your room a gentle glow!

While your Nature Table is still a work-in-progress, consider decorating it with your Autumn themed books! (You can find our favourites here.)
I am a huge fan of decorating with books, it makes it easy to find them, and already makes the Nature Table look lovely and cosy!

Now you already have a Nature Table! I hope you'll join us for Step Two, where we will create some lovely decorations and crafts for our Nature Table!