Apple Bunting

We are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, at the moment. To decorate our home for our special holiday we made this lovely apple print bunting. We make it every year, it has become a tradition for us, but of course it's also a brilliant decoration for Autumn all around, really!
It's easy to make, and you'll only need a few things!

You will need: 
Jute String
Burlap Fabric
Glue Stick
Watercolour or Acrylic Paints

Start by cutting your apple in half!

Pat your apple dry with a towel. Cut up your burlap fabric into rectangles.

Paint one of your apple-halves with plenty of red paint, but make sure that your paint is not too watery!

Carefully stamp your apple onto the burlap fabric rectangle, a little closer to the bottom than the top.

Lift up your apple!

With some brown paint, draw a stem onto your apple, then add a leaf with green paint.

Make lots of apple prints and let them all dry.

When they are dry, place them apple-side-down onto your table and start spreading glue near the top of the rectangle. Add your string! A regular glue-stick worked for us, but if you want this to be extra strong, hot-glue might work better.

Roll the top of your rectangle over the string and squash it down.

Repeat it for all your little apple flags and enjoy your beautiful autumn decoration!

Wishing you all Shana Tova, Happy New Year!