Five-Minute Wet Felted Acorns

We are still working on filling our Nature Table with lots of autumny goodness.
Wet-felted acorns are easy to make, and they only take five minutes to make, so you can make lots of them and fill your nature table!

You Will Need:

Acorn caps
A bowl
Dish soap
Wool roving in lots of different colours

Start by filling your bowl with warm water and a bit of dish soap. Make sure the water is not too hot for little hands!

Pick a colour of wool roving and tie two or three knots into the middle.

Snip off (or gently pull) any excess wool, leaving about half an inch of wool either side of your knots.

Now it's time for the fun to start! Dip your roving into the soapy water!

Start rolling the wet wool between your hands to form a ball. Roll it for a few seconds, dip it back into the water and roll your wool again. Keep doing this for about two or three minutes, until your wool roving has turned into a little solid ball with no cracks and no bits sticking out.  Rinse your felted ball under really cold water and roll it dry in a towel.

When you have dried your acorn, find it a matching acorn cap!

Spread glue over the top of your acorn. We find glue-guns do the best job, but glue-sticks are much safer for little hands!

Squeeze your acorn into the cup and let it dry.

Make lots of beautiful acorns in different colours to add to your Nature Table!

Happy Autumn!