George's Learning Space

I know that we have not been sharing much personal stuff since returning from our break, and I know that a lot of you are probably wondering about our sweet Boo. 
Last time we shared in this space, we had just found out his diagnosis.
George is severely disabled, his diagnosis, amongst other things, includes a severe learning disability, severe autism, PICA, sleep disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. 
Georgie is nearly eight, he is non-verbal except for about five words, he still needs help using the bathroom and getting dressed, but he's getting really good at those things! Right now he needs around-the-clock care and supervision, but he is changing so much every day!

Of course our sweet baby is so, so, so much more than those things.
He is the giggliest, happiest little soul. He is kind to all his friends, loves to share, loves to hold babies and hug animals. He loves to help cook dinner or bake bread, he is an expert at scooping ice-cream into cones, and he gives the best hugs in the world.

On Tuesday our beautiful Boo very determinedly ran into the children's bedroom, found a box of number game pieces and brought them downstairs. This isn't anything unusual really, but what he did next had me in tears. In a really good way. The first time he did it we thought it was a coincidence. The second time he did it we were getting very excited about it not being a coincidence at all, and for the third time we were ready with the camera.


After seeing him do something so completely amazing, something we never would have thought he could learn, we started thinking. If Boo can learn to recognise numbers, could he learn to recognise letters? Could he learn to read? Could he learn to write, to spell things out for us, to communicate? That night, as soon as our clever mouse was (finally) asleep, (and right after sending that video to all our friends) we ordered some supplies to set up a special learning space for Boo. I am sooo excited to share it with you!

There is a huge magnetic whiteboard, with magnetic letters and numbers, 

baskets of wooden letters, scrabble letters, his new favourite number game pieces ,

and some self-correcting alphabet puzzles. There are also some really simple books and a large alphabet wall frieze. (Our one is this one from TeachersPayTeachers, we printed it, laminated it and then cut it out. It took forever, but I like how cheerful it is!)

It's tricky to know what Georgie will like, so we wanted to be able to try out lots of different things. I am so excited to see how Georgie will use his new space. 

Right now he is enjoying putting the numbers in order and making long lines of letters. We spelled out "Georgie" for him, but he likes that "Z" with those letters. Love him so! 
Much love!