Branch Out World - Picture Book Explorers - Painted Petal Picture Craft

I Took the Moon for a Walk
By Carolyn Curtis

While we are trying to find our way in our new life, with George going to school, but still needing around the clock care from us when he is at home, (He does sleep a good 4-5 hours each night now!) we have been looking at easy ways to fitting in a lot of homeschooling.

We recently tried out a Picture Book Explorer pack by Branch Out World, and it has been so much fun working through all the different ideas, making them suit our family. 

Picture Book Explorers is a literature based unit study. There are lots of different ones, but we picked the one based on the book I Took the Moon for a Walk

The unit study covers different themes of the picture book, exploring different areas like maths and science, looking at the pictures and words, and looking at the setting of the story.

The author of these brilliant unit studies kindly agreed to let us share an adaptation of one of her crafts here on the blog with you! 

This lovely petal collage is inspired by a Derbyshire tradition called a Well Dressing. The illustrator of I Took the Moon for a Walk is from Derbyshire, and the lovely artwork in the book has been heavily influenced by her childhood memories. The original craft in the Picture Book Explorers unit study suggests using torn up tissue paper, but we decided to use silk flower petals instead!

You can make this craft as simple or as detailed as you like, just have fun and make your own Painted Flower Petal Picture!


You will need:

Watercolour paints
Silk flower petals (You can buy these already dyed in the colour you want. We bought white ones because I thought it might be nicer to be able to make them exactly the colour we want, and they will probably come in handy again at some point. You know, like all the other stuff in the craft cupboard that will definitely come in handy..)
A glue stick
A piece of white card with a simple design drawn or printed on it. We picked a heart.

Start painting your petals in the colours you will use. We stuck to two simple colours as we wanted it to be obvious what our picture was, but if you look at pictures from a Derbyshire Well Dressing, there are some pretty intricate and really impressive designs!

Even though we only used two colours, this took quite a while. It was fun though, as it's quite messy. Our fingers were pink and orange afterwards, as was our table! I'd suggest putting the petals onto your paper before you paint them, just to measure approximately how many petals you will need, and definitely do the painting on something like an old tablecloth!

When your petals are dry, cover your white card with glue and start placing petals onto it. Start on the outside of your design, as the petals will overlap.

When you have finished the outside, start adding petals to the design in the middle, again working from the outside inwards.

Let your glue dry completely before moving your picture! We had so much fun doing this craft, we will definitely do another one soon, the beautiful petals just look so cheerful!


I wish I could share more of the brilliant crafts from the Picture Book Explorers unit study with you, but you will just have to go and find out for yourself. I think next we will try the Katie Morag unit study, we love those sweet stories!

Much love!