Pretend Camping Lantern Craft

As you know, we took a year-long break from sharing our adventures here in this space.
The old blog, all our crafts, tutorials, recipes and so on, they are all stored safely in an archive, but there are just a few favourite ideas to which we couldn't quite say goodbye.

As we still very often get messages from people asking for specific articles, we thought it might be nice to share one old favourite here each week. 

Now that it is Summer it's the perfect time for camping, so we wanted to share this old favourite with you!

Pretend Camping Lantern Craft


The lantern uses a battery operated tealight, however please remember to supervise young children closely!

You will need:
A plastic jar with lid & handle
Tissue paper in orange,yellow and red
White glue
A battery operated tealight

How to:
Cut out flame shapes from the tissue paper.

Mix 1 part glue with 2 parts water, dip your flames into the mix and glue them to the outside of the jar.
We started with red, glued orange over it and yellow on top. We found it easiest to put the glue mixture onto a shallow plate.

Let it dry , put in your electric tealight and enjoy!


Happy pretend-camping!

Originally posted 23rd September 2011