Random Act of Kindness - Bookmarks

Just the other day, in the wake of the EU referendum and the wave of unkindness that followed, I came across a video from the BBC on Facebook. The video was about schoolchildren trying to break the record of most Random Acts of Kindness in one day. One of the Random Acts of Kindness in the video was to leave bookmarks for people to find.

I thought that that was exactly what we needed right now, to spread some happiness and love, so we made these special bookmarks to tuck into library books. We wanted to share the instructions for making these, and we also included a printable in this post so you can make your own, too.

You will need:

Our free Random Act of Kindness printable
Card paper, either white, colourful, or both!
Laminating pouches and a laminator, or those sticky self-sealing pouches
Glue stick
Hole punch
Some inspiring quotes. (We printed our ones from here.)

Start by cutting your card paper into bookmark sized pieces. 

Draw a picture onto it, decorate it with stickers, just be creative!

We also glued on a lovely quote onto each of our bookmarks.

Stick a label to the back to let people know that their bookmark is a Random Act of Kindness for them. We left a space between the description and the name and age part, that you can cut it off if you want your act to be anonymous.

Laminate your bookmarks to make them more durable. Leave enough space around the edge of each bookmark to make sure it stays sealed.

If you like, you can use the hole punch to add a hole to the bottom of the bookmark and tie some ribbon onto it. Make sure to tie it really securely, especially if you are leaving these somewhere where children may find them.

Make lots more bookmarks!

Go to your local library and tuck them into pages of your favourite books.
We are going to be going on our secret mission to the library tomorrow. The little ones asked to put them into books about having a sibling with disabilities, and I'm hoping to sneak a few into books about bereavement, but I know some will for sure find themselves into copies of A House in the Woods and The Palace of Laughter.

Here is the printable for the back of your bookmarks. Click the image to go to the PDF. If you do make some, I'd love to see them over on Here We Are Together's Facebook page!

When I asked our friends to join us in making bookmarks as Random Acts of Kindness, one lovely friend had the idea to create a group to collect all Random Acts of Kindness, to share and inspire. This group is called The Unity Project, and we are hoping to work together to create lots and lots of different acts of kindness.