Watercolour Lantern

We made some special lanterns to go onto our Summer Nature Table today, 
they are very pretty and easy to make. The special trick is to use oil to make them see-through!

You will need:

A glass jar
Watercolour paints and paintbrushes
An old cloth and a tea towel (dish towel)
An iron
Oil (We used sunflower oil, but I don't think it matters much.)

Start by painting your paper with a light colour. We picked yellow.

Do not let your paint dry, but gently paint with a second colour directly on top. Use enough water to let your colours mix and create soft shapes. Let the paper dry completely.

When your picture is completely dry, put it onto a heatproof surface. 

Dip a soft cloth into the oil and start gently painting the oil onto the watercolour picture. Do not rub too hard, as you don't want to break the paper or wipe away any paint.

When all of the picture has been painted with the oil, carefully cover it with a tea towel and iron it on a low temperature setting. 

When all parts of the paper have been ironed, remove the tea towel. The paper should now be dry to touch and not oily. When you hold it up, you'll see that it is translucent!

Wrap your painting around your glass jar and tape it together, then just add an electric tealight!

Isn't it so pretty? These would be great as decorations for a warm summer evening picnic in the forest!