Grateful Friday

Do you remember Grateful Fridays? I thought today would be a good day for it. It's hard to be positive today, I am an EU immigrant to the United Kingdom, and our little family's future in this country seems just a little uncertain right now.

Today I am grateful for crochet and tea, keeping my hands and mind busy.

I am grateful for homemade pie for dinner, for walks in the forest, and for hundreds of colourful little Loom Bands, even though they seem to find their way into every room of the house. I love the colour, creativity and fun they bring!

I'm grateful for dreaming big and making plans.
Today we needed some extra inspiration, so we created a little printable to put up, to remind us to keep working towards our dreams. 

If you like you can print it for yourself, just click one of the pictures below!

What made you happy this week?

(if you printed the printable we'd love to see it in your home, share a photo in the comments on Facebook)