Make Giant Bubbles


As you know, we took a year-long break from sharing our adventures here in this space.
The old blog, all our crafts, tutorials, recipes and so on, they are all stored safely in an archive, but there are just a few favourite ideas to which we couldn't quite say goodbye.

As we still very often get messages from people asking for specific articles, we thought it might be nice to share one old favourite here each week. 

The first day of Summer seems like a good day to share this fun tutorial on how to make giant bubbles!

Friends, this craft is going to change your summer!
Our little ones were growing more and more frustrated with their bubble swords, not managing to make really big bubbles. We played around with a few different techniques, and managed to craft a giant bubble maker that works amazingly well. We have been making the most enormous bubbles ever!

It is super simple to make these bubbles. All you need is a pipecleaner and some wool.
Cut the pipecleaner in half and tie the ends of the wool together to create a circle. Then wrap your pipecleaners around two corners of the wool, leaving a longer bit at the bottom.
(This picture may help with that.)

Pour bubble mixture into a bowl and hold the two pipecleaners right next to each other.

Dip the pipecleaners into the bubble mixture.

Slowly pull the pipecleaners apart while spinning gently.

You can move your pipecleaners back together to “cut” your bubbles when you feel they are big enough,

or just make super long bubbles.

We found that our bubbles were so huge, they split into lots of smaller bubbles the higher they got.
Experiment with what works for you!

It is seriously just so much fun!

Love that face!

We have been having a ridiculous amount of fun with these, and I really hope you will love making big bubbles as much as we do.

Enjoy and have a fantastic summery day!

Originally posted 19th June 2014 | Sponsored by Joules