Sunflakes - Summer Craft

Happy Summer Solstice, friends! 

We wanted to celebrate this very special day with a sunny and cheerful craft, and, while reading through the Summer poems in "A Child's Year of Stories and Poems", we came across a beautiful poem called "Sunflakes" by Frank Asch. 

We really rather liked the look of the Sunflake illustrations, and they fit right in with our Summer Nature Table theme, which is usually pink and yellow. Sunflakes are really just a slightly different version of the traditional Ojo de Dios weavings, they are easy to make and all you need are a few simple supplies!

You will need:

Yarn in bright and summery colours

How to:

Start by arranging your sticks on top of each other in a sun shape.

Tie them together with some thick yarn. Younger children might need help from a grown-up here, as it can be a little bit tricky!

Start weaving your Sunflake by bringing the yarn under the first stick, then wrapping it over the same stick one time before turning your weaving clockwise and moving onto the next stick.

Keep going until you are happy with that section of your Sunflake. To swap to a new colour, simply snip off the old yarn and tie a new colour to the end.

Keep wrapping your Sunflake in yarn until it is as big as you'd like it to be, then just finish by knotting the end of your yarn to one of the sticks.

You can add some string and hang your Sunflake in a window, or even decorate your trees outside with a whole bunch of Sunflakes.

Happy Summer Solstice!