We are back!

Hello, lovely friends!
Can you believe it has been this long? Crazy! We missed sharing in this space!
Let's catch up.

About a year ago, very suddenly, our life changed. From one day to the next, our sweet George went from a happy and giggly nonverbal six year old to a very unhappy little mouse who suddenly required 24/7 supervision and care by two people. We started the long and emotional process of seeking a diagnosis for our sweet baby.

Finding our way through the last year was a completely new experience for us, navigating IEP meetings and finding a school that was just right for our beautiful boy.
A few months ago our lovely Georgie started at an incredible private school for children with severe learning disabilities. He spends his school days riding horses, swimming, exploring their enclosed forest and listening to stories in log cabins. Having always been a homeschooling family, it did not come naturally to us to let our most vulnerable little one out into the world all by himself, but oh, our boy has blossomed in his school!
We are so happy with the school and especially with the amazing teachers. They love our Boo, and he loves them right back.
He says very few words, our mouse, maybe five, but his favourite teacher's name is one of them.
Our life with Georgie in school is a new experience for us, too, finding that we can once again play board games, read stories and go on adventures.
Squeezing it all in before Georgie gets home from school sure makes us live our life to the fullest!

I wanted to thank all of you so, so much for waiting for us while we found our path.
Thank you, friends, for your support, help, advice and love.
It is so good to be back, and we can't wait to share our adventures once again!

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Much love!