Yarn Pumpkins - Two Different Ways

We love a bit of autumny reading, and Pumpkins by Mary Lyn Ray is one of our favourite pumpkin themed books. It's about a sweet old man who sets out to save a field.
We wanted to make our own field full of pumpkins, so we needed a quick way to make a lot of pumpkins! We came up with two different ways to make them.
So, let's make yarn pumpkins!

Method 1 - Just Yarn:

You will need:
Yarn in orange and brown

Start by wrapping the yarn around two or three of your fingers, the more fingers you use, the bigger your pumpkin will be. Pinch the yarn between your hand and your thumb to keep it in place.

Keep wrapping until you have about this much yarn around your fingers:

Snip the end of the yarn and then slide the yarn off your fingers gently and carefully place it on a length of brown yarn. Tie a knot with the brown yarn right in the middle of the orange yarn.

Twist the brown yarn to create a stem and knot the end! 

Now just gently shape your pumpkin and fluff it up a little bit, and you have made your own tiny pumpkin, in less than five minutes!

Method Two - Big Pumpkins With Stuffing:

You will need: 
Yarn in orange and brown
Toy stuffing
crochet hook, though not essential

Start by wrapping two fingers in stuffing. Hold it in place with your thumb! It's really important that you only use two fingers next to each other for this version!

Now wrap the stuffing with the yarn. Make sure you don't wrap the yarn too tightly, you need to be able to spread your two fingers apart slightly still!

When all the stuffing is covered by orange yarn, snip off the end of the yarn. Pull brown yarn through the gap in between your two fingers. Using a crochet hook will make this a lot easier, but it's not essential.

Pull the yarn through. Tuck any uncovered stuffing underneath your orange yarn.

Now tie a knot in the middle of the orange yarn and stuffing, like so:

Slide your fingers out of the stuffing gently and tie the knot tightly.
Keep tying knots to add a cute pumpkin stem!

Snip off the end, and enjoy your new pumpkin!

We love this way of making pumpkins, it's easy to make a whole bunch of them, and make them lots of different sizes, too!