Ancient Greek Plaster Mask Craft - Percy Jackson Inspired

We have been loving reading the fantastic Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan together. We are only on book four, so don't give anything away! Reading these awesome books has inspired us to learn lots about Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology, too! 
I thought I'd share what we are learning and crafting, as we enjoy doing a Book and a Craft. There'll be lots and lots of fun Ancient Greece and Percy Jackson inspired crafts coming up!

Today we made these super cool and slightly creepy Greek theatre masks! 
They take about 45 minutes to make, and you'll need a patient tiny person to volunteer for this one!

You will need:
 Plaster Rolls (Buy these two days before you want to do the craft, so that you can do an allergy test!)
Face lotion
Warm water

Make sure to do an allergy test before doing this, you don't want your little one to have an allergic reaction to this! Cover your brave volunteer's face in lots of face lotion. We used Nivea and it worked fantastically!

Cut your plaster rolls into thin, small strips. 

Dip your plaster strips briefly into the warm water. Don't let them get too wet, or they'll drip everywhere and take ages to dry!

Start placing the wet strips of plaster on your child's face, smoothing them out with your fingers as you go. Keep going until every part of their face except the eyes, nose and mouth are covered. Be careful with the eyebrows, don't plaster over them! We did about two layers, three in some places like the nose, to make sure it's extra sturdy. It's important that the person under the plaster does not move their face, so no giggling, though we did manage some chocolate milk drinking through a straw! PLEASE remember to leave plenty of room to breathe, don't plaster over anyone's eyes, mouth or nose, be responsible and use your best judgement.

Now comes the boring part! You have to wait! We waited about 20 minutes before our plaster was dry, but we did have a heater on. Remind your mask-wearer not to move their face too much,

When the mask feels dry on top and starts to feel itchy on the inside, ask your child to scrunch up their face a much as possible to loosen the plaster. Pull a lot of funny faces under there. You should be able to gently lift the mask away from the skin! If any part of the mask is stuck in hair, you can try to use a wet cloth to remove the plaster.

If you like, you can use paint to decorate your mask!

We used watercolour paints with not a lot of water, but you can use acrylic paints and even varnish your mask, add glitter, sequins, feathers and so on.

That's how to make your super creepy and awesomely fun Greek Theatre Mask!

I can't wait to share more crafts inspired by the awesome Percy Jackson books and our big Ancient Greece Unit study, it has been so much fun!

Please keep in mind that our crafts are only suggestions and things that worked for us, do your own research and be responsible!