Horse-Chestnut Garland

Collecting horse-chestnuts is one of our Autumn traditions. We usually have big bowls full of them filling the corners and windowsills of our little home.
The other day we went for a walk and came home with over 6kgs of horse-chestnuts (!) but funnily enough George recently decided that he really does rather enjoy pouring out bowls of these lovely things, so we needed to find a different way to display our treasures. 

My friend Karina made a beautiful little garland with her children, and we thought it looked rather great. It's easy to make and lots of fun, especially if your tiny people are old enough to use a drill by themselves! 
We started by gathering our supplies, a drill, horse-chestnuts, some string and a small piece of pipecleaner.

We used a tiny piece of pipecleaner and tisted it in half to create a sort of giant needle. We then tied one end of the string to the pipecleaner. This really helped to get the string through the holes!

Little had lots of fun drilling holes, and Cai enjoyed stringing the horse-chestnuts onto the string with our giant needle. It didn't take long to make a pretty long garland! 

We love how rustic this looks, and I think we will make some more soon, maybe adding orange slices and cinnamon sticks for the winter months!