About Us

I'm Miri, Waldorf inspired homeschooling Mama to Little, George and Cai.

We live a nature inspired life on the south coast of England, spending a lot of time crafting, reading, and going on adventures.

Our blog, Here We Are Together, originally started in 2008, shortly before the birth of George, our second child. Throughout the years we have shared a lot of our favourite crafts, recipes and moments of our life.

Through this blog we have met many absolutely amazing and inspiring people, as well as being given the opportunity to write two special craft books for children, The Paint Book and The Pencil Book. 

In 2015 we found out that our sweet George is severely disabled. While trying to find out the best path for our little family, we took a brief break from this space, but, wanting to continue to share our story, we are now back, and I can't wait to share our adventures with you!



Our Books

Coming Soon...

We're working on a new parenting book, if you'd like to know more about it closer to launch please keep reading the blog or sign up to our newsletter (the newsletter is for the whole site, not just the new book):