Young Prince Lantern

The book tells the story of a man who, while driving through the desolate landscape of Patagonia, comes across a young man sleeping by the side of the road. He immediately notices something special, almost princely, about this stranger. Knowing he could not leave this traveller stranded in the middle of nowhere, he scoops him up and carries him to his car.

During their journey, their conversation shines a unique light on everyday situations. The driver explains our world to the Young Prince as best as he can, the Young Prince's questions helping him challenge his own views and ideas. 

As you know, we like doing crafts to remind us of the books we love, so we wanted to make a special Young Prince lantern. You can make your own, it's easy and fun, and it glows in the dark, too!

Ancient Greek Plaster Mask

We have been loving reading the fantastic Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan together. We are only on book four, so don't give anything away! Reading these awesome books has inspired us to learn lots about Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology, too! 
I thought I'd share what we are learning and crafting, as we enjoy doing a Book and a Craft. There'll be lots and lots of fun Ancient Greece and Percy Jackson inspired crafts coming up!

Today we made these super cool and slightly creepy Greek theatre masks! 
They take about 45 minutes to make, and you'll need a patient tiny person to volunteer for this one!

Yarn Pumpkins - Two Different Ways

We love a bit of autumny reading, and Pumpkins by Mary Lyn Ray is one of our favourite pumpkin themed books. It's about a sweet old man who sets out to save a field.
We wanted to make our own field full of pumpkins, so we needed a quick way to make a lot of pumpkins! We came up with two different ways to make them.
So, let's make yarn pumpkins!

The Wolf Wilder & Wolf Print Necklace

The Wolf Wilder is a book that is set "a hundred years ago" in Russia.
Feodora, called Feo, lives with her Mama in a little cabin in the woods. Together they un-tame wolves that are sent to them by aristocrats once they tire of the wolves or the wolves eat a finger or toe that, technically, belonged to someone.

After finishing this book, we all felt we wanted more. We wanted a reminder of Feo's bravery. We decided to make a wolf paw print necklace, so we could carry a part of the book with us on the outside, too.

The Wolf Wilder
By Katherine Rundell

The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog

The other day we read The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog - Master of Disguise by Jeremy Strong. It's about a very speedy dog called Streaker, and his clever owner, Trevor. 
In this book, Streaker gets into trouble and Dad wants to send her to Boot Camp. On top of all that, dogs in the neighbourhood keep disappearing. Trevor and his best friend Tina have to come up with a plan. 

In the story, Trevor and Tina have to disguise speedy Streaker to save him from Boot Camp so we thought it would be fun to create our own speedy dog, and disguise him, too!