Giveaway – Meet The BritPack – EggNogg Easter Colouring Bundle

A little while ago we were asked to join a brilliant collection of bloggers to help support British companies. As you know, we really try to buy locally as much as possible and support small businesses and creative ideas.
It’s important to us, and so of course we were happy to join forces with others to help spread awareness about some creative, unique and trustworthy British companies who make things for little ones.


The companies who are currently part of The BritPack are GrubbiesEggnoggHelen GordonPicaloulouTweedies OriginalsImminkWhite Rabbit EnglandFunky Feet FashionHop & PeckCarddies,Project JellyWild Things Funky Little DressesMichiko and Me, and Little Ponchos.

To celebrate the launch of The BritPack we are having a fun Easter Blog-Hop with a new and fantastic prize to be won each and every day!
For today’s giveaway we have teamed up with EggNogg. We thought EggNogg would make the perfect partner, because around here we just absolutely love to colour and be creative!


EggNogg are a British company who create beautiful, creative and fun colouring sheets, greetings cards and other fun activities for children.

Easter bunting

For this Giveaway EggNogg are offering an amazing Easter Activity Pack worth £30, including a colour-in Easter bunting and themed colour-in Easter decorations, a super fun Easter egg hunt with colour-in Pocket Treasure Hunt clues providing double-the-fun for the egg hunt and beyond, and a fantastic tea-time colour-in Tablecloth!

TC02 Easter time tablecloth

All you have to do for your chance to win is enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
(Please note EggNogg’s twitter handle is @EggNoggUK, the prize draw might have the wrong name in it, it is being changed by #TheBritPack people.)

A winner will be picked at random in two days!
Good Luck!

The next prize to be won can be found tomorrow morning over at I Always Believed In Futures!

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Grateful Friday

This week was slow, gentle and quiet. Everyone seems to feel much better today, which is a blessing.
Even during those difficult days with little sleep and poorly little loves there is always much to be grateful for.
I am grateful for more empty spaces in our home, and for friends who walk out of our door not only full of food and tea, but also with bags full of books, toys and clothes.
I am also grateful for craft supplies we discovered while looking for some more things to donate. They have been a life-saver on a day where no one was well enough to do anything but everyone wanted to do something.


I am very, very grateful for tea, soft quilts, stories in bed and some much needed rest and sleep.


I am grateful for a return to a more simple life, for wool and felt and wooden toys, for songs, rhymes, and, finally, for finding our way back to a more Waldorf inspired life. We lost our way for a little while, trying to work around special needs and outside pressure, but it feels good to be back where we feel at home.


Life is good, dear friends, and I hope you are well!
Have a beautiful weekend.

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Spring Play

We have all been ill the last week or so, and while it meant that we didn’t get up to very much, it has given me a chance to observe all the playing that happens during a day.
As the little ones grow older, their play changes. I also noticed that their play seems to change with each season: Spring time seems to be the time for small-world play, restaurants and shops, Summer has us playing moving games, jumping, running, exploring water and wind, Autumn seems to be full of dance-shows and theatre performances and Winter is usually filled with boardgames and caring for dolls and soft toys.


The little ones play so differently now than they used to. When they are very young there seems little room for small-world play while they’re on the move, but it wasn’t long before we started playing with small plastic animals. (We like Schleich animals.)
One of the easiest ways to play with the animals is to give them all a bath. That’s an activity that we have always loved, even before the little ones were old enough to walk, bathing or washing their little friends in a bowl full of bubbly water was always fun.
These days their play has evolved into finding the right animals to go into the water, making little ponds or rivers for the different animals.


Observing the little ones and their play so closely during this last week has really helped me decide which toys are no longer working for us and which toys might be a good addition to their play.
I have removed a few more unused toys and I am already seeing big changes today.
While looking through toys which were no longer loved I also came across a box of boardgames which were stored away, we have been having lots of fun playing these new-to-the-children games together!


I love being able to help make their day more fun and help improve creative play by just making a few simple changes ♥

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