Everyday Magic

I am sorry for the long silence.
Our days have been low on sleep and high on activities, friends, crafts and the usual busy fun that comes with having young children.
We have been focusing hard on finding beauty and magic all around us recently.
When we went to the forest the other day for a walk we stopped to hug the largest trees in the New Forest National Park, a pair of enormous sequoia trees.
Just as we reached the tree a beautiful wild pony started walking towards us. It was truly magical.
There is so much magic and beauty in this world if you just take the time to look for it.






I am so grateful for living in such a beautiful little corner of the world.
See you all tomorrow!

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Book Release Giveaway – Fun Pencil Craft

As of today our books The Paint Book and The Pencil Book are available to buy.
To celebrate this super exciting release we are having a fun Giveaway, but not without sharing one more easy craft from The Pencil Book!


Pencil Eraser Printing

You will need:

A pencil with an eraser at one end


How to:

Start by dipping your pencil eraser into the water.
Then carefully rub the pencil eraser over the watercolour disc.


Use the pencil eraser to stamp a shape onto your paper. We made an Autumn leaf shape.


If you like you can fill in the shape with a different colour, too!


Now, on to the GIVEAWAY!
Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below for your chance to win a copy of one of our fun craft books for children!
Don’t forget to leave a comment to tell me which book you’d like to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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Handprint Autumn Trees – The Paint Book

I really wanted to share this beautiful Autumn craft with you. It is one of the seventy awesome crafts you will find in our book The Paint Book, which will be published tomorrow!


It’s a super fun craft and makes a brilliant keepsake or grandparent gift.

You will need:
Canvas or paper
Paint in brown, orange, yellow and red

How to:
Start by painting your whole canvas or paper with watered down yellow paint, this will just be the background, so don’t worry about making it perfect.


When it is dry we can start the really fun part. Paint your little one’s hand with the brown paint. Paint a little bit of the arm, too.


Print the hand and arm onto the middle of the paper. This will be the tree!


Lift up the hand and arm very gently and let your tree print dry.
(We didn’t, but we are an impatient kind of family.)


Now let your little one dip their fingers into the red, yellow or orange paint and add lots of fingerprints around the tree, just like leaves on a tree.


If you like you can add their name and year to the picture, too.
Make these prints every year to see how your child grows!


Come back tomorrow for a Giveaway to celebrate the release of our two super fun craft books for children, The Paint Book and The Pencil Book!

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