Making a giant Ojo de Dios

Today all my little people are ill. The sniffles started a few days ago, after a poorly timed last-ever trip to our favourite beach, and by last night there was nothing but fever, sniffles and snuggles.
We needed a project for a really, really gentle day, and we needed a project that would add some much-needed colour and happiness to our little home.
We already love making Ojo de Dios, and so we thought we could make one, just much bigger!


This is a fantastic project to use up those scraps of handspun yarn you have been saving, and a brilliant way to keep those sentimental little bits of wool safe, too.
We started with two large wooden dowels from the garden centre, measured out the middle and then started weaving with some sunny yellow wool.


It was so much fun to work together, crafting this huge, colourful piece of art!


We picked colours at random, sticking to mostly warm and sunny shades.


It did not take long to finish at all. We have now hung it right above our fireplace and it makes us all feel so cheerful to see it there.
No pictures yet because I just couldn’t wait to share it with you!


I hope this cheers you up and you feel inspired to make one,too!

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Sponsored Craft : Beautiful Glass Beads Suncatcher Mobile

We have been trying to bring a little bit of colour into our home, and these lovely suncatchers, when hung in the window, really are beautiful and colourful.
They are easy to make and a great rainy day activity.


You will need:

A drill
Colourful glass beads
Little bells
A thick branch or piece of driftwood.


How to:
Start by drilling holes through your piece of driftwood.
We made four holes.


Tie a length of string to a bead and thread it through a hole from the top. Repeat this until all of the holes have string through them.


Now just thread those beautiful shiny beads onto the string until the entire string is covered. Make sure to pull the string tight otherwise you may end up with quite a gap at the top of the string.


When you reach the end of the string, tie a little jingly bell to it.
Hang it in the window or a sunny spot and watch the sun shine through the colourful beads,


or just hang it in a special place in your home to cheer you up on a grey day.



[This craft is sponsored by the lovely people over at who stock a variety of great blinds, the perfect way to change up your decor or add some colour to your home!]

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Reading and Painting

This is a favourite at our home, listening to a story while painting pictures from it.


Today we read The Little Prince, painting pictures of planets, kings, flowers and foxes.


We are in the middle of preparing our family for the changes ahead, deepening our rhythm and making plans,
and these are the things that keep us all grounded, these perfect, quiet and peaceful days.


I can’t wait to share more, when the time is right.

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