Daily smoothies full of fresh fruit (and vegetables) have been a part of our life for a really long time. But it wasn’t until a few months ago that I fully realised the true impact food was having on our life.
For the last five years my hands have been numb.
It meant that I eventually had to give up knitting and crochet, and that my sewing machine had to retire to the garage.
No doctor could work it out, and after an MS diagnosis was thankfully ruled out I was left with the fact that these things do just sometimes happen for no reason.
When we realised that George would need our help for the rest of his life we started making a LOT of changes to our life, including cutting out certain foods and adding others.

To cut a super long story very short, we found out through a lot of talking and research that both Emily and I are allergic to yeast. Really properly allergic.
We decided to swap to a mostly raw vegan diet for a while just to see what we could do, and, friends, it is amazing.
I have regained feeling in my hands. Emily is a giggly and happy big girl full of positivity and joy again.
There is just so, so much, I can’t wait to tell you all about the amazing difference this has made to our family.


As healthy smoothies are such a big part of our life, I wanted to share a few of our favourite recipes with you over the next few weeks. Maybe you will feel inspired to join in and try a few.
You don’t have to change anything else if you don’t feel like it, but try adding a smoothie to your diet each day and be prepared to see some awesome changes!

So, let’s get started.
This is a really easy one, and it’s a great one to begin introducing children to smoothies, as it’s a super fun colour and doesn’t have any spinach in it. We love spinach smoothies, but I can absolutely see how they may be a bit daunting!

Walk In The Park Smoothie

For this recipe you will need

2 cups of fresh or frozen berries (I like to buy lots of berries at the market and freeze them in portions.)
3 ripe bananas (Let them ripen until there are lots of dark spots on the outside of your banana.)
3 cups of almond milk

You will also need a blender capable of cutting ice cubes, as some frozen fruit can be pretty hard!


Start by putting the frozen berries into your blender. Next, slice the bananas and put them right on top of the berries, and finally pour the almond milk right over the top.


We like to use the pulse function a few times to combine the ingredients before then turning it onto full speed for about twenty seconds, until everything is a lovely even colour with no large bits.
When using berries you will usually get a bit of the berry skin and the seeds. That’s not a problem at all, those things are all safe for you!


Now all you have to do is enjoy your delicious drink!
That recipe makes enough for three people to share, so if there are more people in your family just make double or add more almond milk for a more liquid version that serves more people!

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The sun is shining over here in our little corner of the world, and we have had a wonderful weekend.
There has been a lot of fruit-eating, adventure and planning for the fun months ahead.



We are trying to grow some mango trees at the moment, I am more than a little bit excited and one of our seeds is looking very promising, it is enormous and sprouting quite a bit already!


I hope you have had a beautiful weekend!

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This week Jewish people all around the world celebrate the holiday of Passover. We are no longer slaves in the land of Egypt, and that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate, and to remember the terrible times we endured in the past.
We had an absolutely amazing celebration. It was meaningful, warm, happy, and just the right amount of chaotic.

I am about to share a whole lot of pictures with you!


Passover (or Pesach, as we call it) is celebrated with a special meal called a Seder. During it we eat a variety of symbolic foods,


and tell the story of how we fled Egypt, all the way from baby Moshe (Moses) in the river. We read from a special book called a Haggadah.


We sing songs, we share a meal, we lean on pillows while we eat, there is a treasure hunt for hidden matzah and it is just a wonderful time of family celebration.


When our ancestors fled Egypt they left in such a rush that they did not have time to wait for their bread to rise. They put the dough onto their backs and, while they were walking through the desert, the sun baked the dough into flat and hard bread.
During the week of Passover we do not eat any food that has risen, and only eat special bread called matzah.


We dip bitter herbs into salt water to symbolise the bitterness of slavery and the tears and pain of our ancestors.


I know that I really do say this about all holidays, but Passover really is one of my favourites.


Wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, we are wishing you a very happy holiday and hope you can be with the ones you love.

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