Those Tricky Things

Right from the very beginning we knew we wanted to home educate our little people.
There was never a moment where we thought we might not be the best people for the job.
Until now.
Until George.


In the last few months our George changed. He wanted to be out in the world, this big, brave boy. He wanted to go to the park every day, wanted to go swimming, climbing, exploring, and I wasn’t keeping up. Not with two other little ones around who also needed to learn, who wanted to read stories and play boardgames, who wanted to be able to build castles out of blocks and play in the garden, who wanted to watch documentaries and bake cookies. None of those things were happening, not with George around. Recently he has not been a fan of castles or books, of boardgames or documentaries.
When he started making amazing progress with his new speech therapist we knew that the time had come.
We started looking for a school.


In the beginning we only told two of our closest friends. We somehow thought they’d judge us, think less of us. Of course they didn’t.
We looked around, spoke to parents of children with disabilities, and we found an amazing school. It’s incredible.
The school has been purpose built and there are only 75 pupils in the entire school.
They have their own softplay room, sensory room, indoor pool and so much more.
We went to visit the school last week to speak to the amazing head teacher, who was so kind and understanding that I instantly felt a lot less nervous about the idea of school.
We met the school staff, the children, and had a chance to look around the different classrooms, too. Everyone was wonderful. You know how when someone is really passionate about what they do, you just know that you just met a very special person? At that school everyone was like that.
Today we went back so that George could look around. He did not want to leave.
Before we met the head teacher I was in tears, I felt like we were failing George for considering school, but after meeting everyone at the school I instantly felt so, so much better. George will love it there, and he will feel so loved there. He will learn and play and do things we can’t do with him here at home.

Friends, I am so, so hopeful about this school. We don’t exactly live in the school’s catchment area, it’s about an hour away, and George does not have an EHCP just yet, but the possibility of having everyone from that school on George’s team is just amazing.

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The Road Ahead

George’s lovely paediatric consultant told us the results of his genetic testing on Friday.
There are no real answers, just a lot more questions.
As of right now our Boo remains without an official diagnosis beyond a severe learning disability, but with a promise of further, more comprehensive genetic testing within the next five years.
We spoke to a number of families who have children with Angelman Syndrome, only to learn that many of them had negative genetic test results, yet still have a clinical diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome.
It sounds like there are a lot of evaluations and tests which now have to be done to determine how to best help George.
We are about to start the process of getting an EHCP in place. We have been told it will take 20 weeks. I’m not sure what it involves, and I’m grateful for the guidance of friends who have been there.


Without a clear diagnosis we don’t know the predictions.
We can’t google, we can’t find out more. (Sometimes that’s a good thing, right?)
We don’t know what the future holds. We don’t know what to expect, and we don’t know what is possible.
What we do know is that we love our Boo, and that, no matter where this road is leading, we will travel it together, we will enjoy the journey and we will make very sure that it is the happiest journey ever.
I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

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With a busy week ahead, including finding out the results of Georgie’s genetic testing, we took the weekend to spend time with friends and explore the forest.








This next week will be tricky, I think, but I’m very much hoping to let you all know about George as soon as we can!
I’m sorry for being so quiet in this space. If you do happen to miss us terribly, there is a fun new Science Video and also a really cute Learn With Leela video, too. Do check them out, Emily is so awesome!

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