Our Pet Snail

Emily and Caillou are always rescuing snails.
Every time we walk to the village, which is about 45 minutes away, we end up walking very slowly to make sure all snails are rescued from the path and safely placed on the grass.
We thought it might be nice to give a snail a loving and safe home and to observe it and learn about it.
Did you know that garden snails can live for up to five years?

We wanted to set up a comfortable home for our new pet, so we gathered our supplies:
Dirt, stones, sticks, a hiding place and some lettuce plants.


We started by adding a layer of dirt to our snail home and then gently watering it. Snails get most of their water from the ground and they can dry out easily, so it’s a good idea to keep their environment damp.


We planted lettuce plants in the corners and added a coconut shell to serve as shelter for our snail.


After we had set up a beautiful environment for our new snail we sprayed it with water. We are going to be spraying the snail home regularly to make sure that our snail stays healthy and happy!


The only thing left to do was finding a snail. It didn’t take very long to find our newest pet.
Meet Steve the Snail!


Steve is very happy in his new home, and Cai is absolutely in love with Steve. He takes his role as a snail owner very seriously and he keeps checking on him to make sure that he is ok. He has been singing to Steve, making plans for decorations for Steve’s home, and he has been reading lots and lots of stories to him, too.


Snails make a really easy pet for children because they don’t need a whole lot, but I do love seeing everyone caring so very much about even the littlest of creatures.

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Why I love the Internet

The lovely people over at Legal and General asked us for our opinion regarding this article about innovative technologies.
The article mentions awesome things like smart lighting and innovative sleep technologies, and while I’m a huge fan of our blender and am still in awe of space exploration, I must admit that I am absolutely amazed by the Internet.
To me it is still the most innovative thing there is. It’s always growing, changing and evolving!
The Internet enables us to learn more about absolutely anything we want without ever having to leave the sofa! We have the ability watch documentaries, meet amazing people and learn new skills, just like that!
The other day we were trying to follow some origami instructions from a book, but they didn’t make a lot of sense. We were able to go over to YouTube and watch some tutorials! We ended up spending the day making lots of different origami creatures!


We have met so many incredible and inspiring people through the Internet, and my absolutely most favourite thing about the Internet is that it allows us to stay in touch with those we love.
My side of the family live far away and all over the world.
Through the Internet we get to still see each other as often as we like, talk almost face to face and celebrate together.
This is one of my most favourite pictures, a screenshot from when my grandma got FaceTime and met her great-grandbabies for the very first time, talking to them, seeing them play and sing.


My grandma lives miles and miles away in a different country, she has never been on a plane, and with big George’s complex special needs, visiting is not an option for us right now, but through the Internet my grandma gets to be a part of her great-grandchildren’s life and see them grow up.
That’s pretty amazing to me.

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Science Craft – Constellation Yarn Art

We had a quick lesson about stars, constellations and star signs this week, sparked by the children finding out about the astrology column in the local paper.
It was lots of fun to read all the different character traits and talking about whether they apply or not, and then learning about the constellations that correspond with each star sign.
We made these cool constellation plaques, they are easy and very fun to make, and a very hands-on way to learn about constellations!


I found Emily’s super awesome constellation themed dress in the sale over at House of Fraser , I saw it and knew that it was perfect for my science girl!

You will need:

A piece of wood, it doesn’t have to be super straight, I find the wonky ones quite charming!
Yellow yarn
Yellow acrylic paint
Blue watercolour paint
Glitter glue


I recently started preparing all the craft materials for the next day’s craft in a little basket, and it has been brilliant, the little people are always super excited to look at the craft supplies, trying to guess what we may be up to that day! (Our cute project basket came from the sale, too. Aehm.)

Start by painting your piece of wood with the blue watercolour.


Let them dry thoroughly, or the next step will brush away your blue paint!


When the watercolour paint is dry, brush a thin layer of glitter glue over the top to seal in the watercolour and to add some sparkling stars!


Let the glitter glue layer dry and then mark out your constellation stars with a sharpie.


Hammer a small nail onto each star of your constellation and connect the nails with yellow yarn to create the constellation! Some constellations will be much trickier than other ones, we found Cancer really easy and needed to tie a few knots to get Taurus just right!
Once your constellation is how you want it to be, add a dot of yellow paint onto the tip of each of your nails.
Let it dry! You can add a little label to your constellation, too. We glued on the label and painted over it with a bit of glitter glue.


These would be a great decoration for a science themed bedroom!
We want to make all of them now!

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