Eating Together

We had a lovely Rosh Hashanah meal with our friends. We love sharing food, not just during our family dinners each night, but also during the holidays.
Eating together is such a simple way to make a connection, and it’s very much in my nature to want to feed people who come to our home.


I have been known to bake bread for electricians and painters, I just can’t help it, if you come to my home I will bake for you.


Anthony does all the cooking in our family, he is passionate about food, and so our meals are always prepared by him. I really love to bake, so cakes and breads are really more my thing.
We had so much fun cooking and baking together for the holiday, it’s lovely to be busy in the kitchen.
We stuck to a few favourites for this day, cooking, amongst other things, challah, chicken, honey cakes, apple pies and hasselback potatoes.


We also included a few meaningful dishes such as honey glazed carrots, cookies in the shape of a fish and Israeli couscous with baked beets.


Of course there was the traditional combination of apples and honey, too!


It was a lot of food, and we really enjoyed being able to share it with our friends.

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Baby Bunnies

Oh my, they are adorable, these sweet baby bunnies.
There are three, not four, of them, and they are all so very special and loved already.


We will keep one and have found happy homes with friends for the other two, but for now they are our baby bunnies to raise and love and adore, even though we do so very gently and quietly, of course, and with the help of a very experienced friend.


It is so humbling, holding such a new little life, and I really am grateful for this unexpected learning experience.
More bunny pictures soon, I promise.

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Rosh Hashanah – 5775

We celebrated the Jewish New Year with wonderful friends. It was fun and really full of way too much food and happy chaos. (That is my favourite kind of chaos.)
I won’t share pictures of today which include our friends, of course, but here are a few pictures of our day.





Our day ended with a very unexpected surprise of finding out that our bunny Fluffy, who is apparently a girl, had given birth to four tiny baby bunnies.
They are all doing well, and Auntie Emma the Bunny Whisperer has been to check on them, I will snap a few pictures tomorrow if I can do that without disturbing them.
Wishing you all a beautiful day and a happy and sweet year.

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