George is not letting us do much work at the moment.
We have been looking on the bright side and enjoying the time to be tourists in our own little corner of the world, and so, after this week’s Yoga and Mindfullness class we went down to the harbour and explored a little local museum.







It hasn’t been easy with George and we are hoping to see his lovely consultant soon and talk about some of the changes in our little dude, but for now we just try to remember that sometimes those tricky days do end up being some of the best. A blessing in disguise, really.
Wishing you all a happy weekend.

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Getting it all done.

Things have been tricky with our beautiful Boo. These days he mostly wants to go out, go on adventures. He would very much like to do that naked, so a lot of our days are either spent out, or convincing him that clothes really are a good idea.
It has been somewhat difficult getting all our school things done, and we needed a solution.
We got these super fantastic customised backpacks for Emily (Leela) and Caillou.


In the evenings, once two out of three are safely tucked into bed, I prepare our homeschool things for the next day. That way, no matter how busy things are with Georgie, Emily and Caillou can start their homeschooling right after breakfast.


They have been really enjoying the independence of being able to pick when to do their work, and knowing just how much sit-down kind of work there is left to do before we go to the park or the beach.


The little compartment holds a special snack for them to eat while they work.
These gorgeous backpacks have been such a life saver. They have been absolutely keeping me sane knowing that the only thing I really need to do each evening is pack their homeschool-bags for them, everything has been getting done even with Georgie having such a difficult time.
Hopefully soon our little dude will be back to being our giggly and happy boy.
Until then we will work on getting it all done, but getting it all done happily.

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Just Keep Swimming

Poor Cai has tonsillitis and George has an awful ear infection. He has been very cross and in need of distraction, and if I’m entirely honest, so have I.
We decided to leave schoolwork behind and spend a few days adventuring here and there. Fresh air is almost as good as magic for sore ears and poorly babies!






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