While we are still working out just exactly which holidays we want to celebrate as a family, we all agree that, even though we are not American, Thanksgiving is here to stay.
Family, good food and gratitude, what’s not to love?


Wishing you all a warm and beautiful Thanksgiving.

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We have been feeling it, that gentle anticipation of the upcoming holidays, and the darkness and cold outside which make inside seem that much more warm and perfect.
This year we have been taking it slow with the actual holidays, not wanting to overwhelm the little ones, especially Boo, but Wintering is already very much happening.


This year our holidays will be entirely handmade, all decorations either found or crafted, and apart from a few special things it will be the same for everyone’s presents.
These days you are very likely to find us all on the sofa, watching a documentary whilst working on our special projects. I’m hoping to make a special blanket for each of the tiny people.


Sometimes we take a break for tea and more stories, of course.
(Book list coming soon!)


There is some more cold weather headed our way, we are keeping our fingers crossed for snow!
I hope you are all keeping warm.

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Winter Nature Table

This year our Winter Nature Table is full of light and warmth, and a few special treasures.
Of course it changes every day, with little people adding things and taking things for their games, but I wanted to share a glimpse of it with you, of how it is just now.





Wishing you all a happy Winter!

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