Crafting for the Holidays

We are doing a few little swaps with friends this holiday, some for Christmas and some for Hanukkah.
It’s so much fun to think about things other people may like.
To help make the making even more fun we got a few new craft things, including lots and lots of glitter glue and air drying clay. Just a few Christnukkah essentials, really.
The lovely people over at House of Fraser offered to send us a few things to take part in their Make with Mother campaign, and as we all love to craft together we thought that would be a rather fun thing to do.
Cai has been on a mission to make cards for everyone we know, and so we thought a Crayola Airbrush Machine would be a great addition. Cai loves machines (“inators”) of any kind, and this cool contraption turns felt tip pens into little air brushes.


It requires lots and lots of pumping, so we all worked together to pump while Cai sprayed designs onto his Christmas cards!


They look so cool!


Memi wanted to make some ornaments for her friends to put on their tree. She has been loving Hama beads recently. I love seeing her work so hard, concentrating and getting it just right.


So much love and work goes into each of her little ornaments, I think we will have quite a few of them on our own tree this year, too!


While we craft, Boo likes to look at what we are doing. He gets a bit nervous about actual crafts, so he has been helping us by drawing lots of things on his Aquadoodle, writing what I am assuming are holiday greetings, or maybe pictures of Santa, because ever so often he will say a little “ho ho ho” , still one of his very few words.


I love that boy so much, and I love our cosy Winter afternoons spent making things together.
Ho Ho Ho!

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Kindness Buttons

We are currently working on writing and doing an amazing mindfulness curriculum and a beautiful kindness curriculum, and we have been finding time to fit it into our day, as well as catching up with all the other curricula alongside our regular schoolwork. It seemed important to make space to actively work on kindness. It sure seems like we can do with an extra dose of it these days!


I have noticed such a change in our little ones, by actively working on kindness, by making time for it specifically. We recently introduced kindness buttons. The idea is really simple; Every time we do something kind we put a button into the family kindness jar.
When the jar us full, our family do something very special, like going out for hot chocolate together.
( The quote on our jar is ” Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn )


Because our jar is a family effort it encourages a really wonderful thing. The children now look out for positive acts in each other:
Mama, Caillou helped me build a castle with the duplo blocks!
Mama, Memi showed Georgie how to do the puzzle!
I love this kindness tattling!
It is so special, seeing the children be so very kind to each other and their friends, and even to strangers. Kindness Time is one of our favourite times of the day, we make cards for people in retirement homes, visit friends to help them or even just painting something for a relative who lives far away.


Kindness and mindfulness are truly some of the biggest gifts we can give our children, and I am so proud to see my little ones blossom into givers, into people who truly care.

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The Light – Martinmas

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.


This Martinmas we light one candle and then light all other candles from that one. We spread our light through the darkness by doing good deeds and focusing on kindness and love.


We made some difficult decisions recently and big, happy changes are coming to our little family.
We will keep sharing our light as much as we can, and are working on something fun, too.
Thank you for sticking around.

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