Google Play Voucher Giveaway

Today I have another really great giveaway for those of you who are in the UK.
We have teamed up with Three Mobile for a great educational and fun opportunity.
As you know our little ones use iPads for their screen time ever since Boo started using one in the hopes of eventually communicating through it.
Each tiny person has their own, as their needs and abilities are all so different.
We are pretty selective about the kind of apps we put on there, but luckily there is always a lot to pick from.
Some of our favourites are the Toca Boca apps, which are open-ended, full of adorable and kind graphics and lots of ways to play.
The little ones particularly like Toca Tailor in which you can design clothes for a virtual little person or animal, picking fabric patterns, styles or even taking photos and creating your own patterns. It is a lot of fun and a very gentle way to play!


We also enjoy the Toca Builders app, which is great for creative thinking skills and three-dimensional thinking.
In this app you use a variety of vehicles to build anything you like. You can paint the floor, add blocks, build upwards or sideways, the possibilities are endless. Caillou really likes to draw blue-prints of machines or robots and build them in Toca Builders!

A fun game for littler children is Lego Juniors, where you build a car from Lego parts and then drive it through a simple little world, collecting coins as you go.
There is no way to not “win” this game, and at the finish line you always get a virtual present, which makes this game fun and rewarding, and not stressful at all!


Now that I have told you about these fun apps, all of which are available on the latest android devices such as Samsung S5, HTC One M8 & Sony Xperia Z2, let’s get to the giveaway!

Three Mobile are giving away a £50 voucher to Google Play to one lucky reader!
You could buy a whole bunch of fun and educational apps with that!
All you have to do is fill in the form below. This Giveaway is open to UK residents only.

Good Luck!

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Let’s Talk About Boo

We were going to wait before sharing Boo’s diagnosis, because, well, because he does not have a diagnosis at all yet.
As a parent of a non-verbal child with special needs who has no diagnosis, you read all the articles that mention non-verbal children. You google the symptoms again and again. You try to find out because you want to know,
and so, when I spotted yet another article about a non-verbal child with a rare genetic disorder, I was, of course, eager to read it.
Reading the article made my heart sink. That little girl being described was just like Boo. The big, happy smiles, the love for running water, the widely spaced teeth, webbed toes, and, of course, being non-verbal.
I immediately looked up the name of the syndrome and sure enough all but one of the other symptoms were a match, too.


I showed Anthony, and he agreed. We had found something that described our Boo, something that explained what we couldn’t.
That night I cried a lot. Not out of sadness, Boo has always been our Boo, but out of relief.
We were not alone, and after years of wondering it finally felt like we had found something.
Of course I could not NOT find out more, and so we spent the next few days reading more and more.
We called our doctor the very next day for an appointment.
Our doctor was wonderful and referred us to the paediatrician, and since then we have been waiting to find out more.
Hopefully soon we will be able to confirm through genetic testing what we know in our hearts to be true,

Our sweet baby Boo has Angelman Syndrome.

What this means is that Boo will never speak, and he will never really understand words, either. He will always need (a lot) less sleep, and using the toilet is still in the distant future. Boo will always be sensitive to sunlight, making Summer an indoor kind of season for us, and he will always need to be cared for. Boo does not understand danger.
Boo will grow old, but he will not grow up.
It also means that Boo is always happy. His big smiles and amazing happiness are part of Angelman Syndrome, and that, to me, is an incredible blessing.
Out of all the things a child could suffer from I feel that constant happiness is really one of the best symptoms one could possibly have.


It also means that he will always give the best hugs and kisses, that he will always be cheerful, that he will always be happy to play with his toys and have a pretend tea party with us.
Thankfully the only one of the symptoms that Boo does not have are seizures. This is an amazing blessing.
Boo is incredible. He loves so much and so fully, and he is such a huge and amazing blessing to us. I fiercely believe that Boo picked us as his family for a reason, and I know that we are the right people to be on this journey with this beautiful little soul.
I am glad he picked us. Life would not be the same without him.

[We do not have an official diagnosis, but I want to share every part of this journey as honestly and openly as possible, to raise awareness, to help other people who are on a similar journey, and to maybe hear from people who have been through it already.
Your support and kind words honestly mean so, so much to all of us.]

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Gratitude in Stressful Times

These last few months have been one of the hardest times in our life as a family.
Among some very bad news for our extended family, Boo’s *special needs also mean that right now we can only leave the house when Anthony is able to take time off work, either to help keep Boo safe out and about or to stay home with Boo while I take Memi and Cai to the library, park or meet-ups. I am grateful that Anthony works from home and is able to schedule his work around the children’s classes and appointments, but it is hard for me to accept that I can not safely take all three of my little ones to the park by myself.


The other day I talked to a truly amazing friend and poured my whole Mama heart out to her because she asked completely honestly about Boo.
I love talking about Boo, but very often people are worried about asking because they don’t want to seem insensitive or upset us, when really I would happily talk about any of my little ones all day.
(That very same incredible friend is right now working on a way for me to be able to take all three of my little mice out by myself, and I am so very excited about this!
I can’t tell you more just yet, but I promise you that I will tell you everything as soon as I know more!)


With all these difficulties we’ve been needing an extra dose of gratitude and blessing-counting, going beyond our blessings journal and daily gratitude.
With Autumn finally on the way we thought we’d start writing all the good things in our life down on watercolour leaves and string them onto a crochet chain.


By the end of autumn, around Thanksgiving, I am hoping to have an entire leaf pile of blessings to be poured out, read, played in and enjoyed.


I am sorry for not being around much while we dealt with everything that has been happening, sometimes it is difficult to share the hard stuff.
Thank you for sticking around during the good and the bad times.

* While we are pretty certain that we know what Boo’s final diagnosis will be, we are not ready to share it publicly until it has been confirmed through genetic testing.

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