Sneak Peek – Our Books!

Today a very special delivery from our publisher arrived on our doorstep, – the first copies of our books!
I am so excited to share with you: The Paint Book and The Pencil Book!
I am not allowed to show you everything just yet, but goodness, I could not keep these fun books to myself, and so I thought a sneak peek at the covers might be nice.


It felt amazing to hold them in our very own hands, to spot familiar faces amongst the pages and to look through all the beautiful photographs.
The covers also give you some clues about the crafts you will find inside the books!


The Paint Book and The Pencil Book will be published early October, but you can pre-order your copy already!
I can not wait to share a little more with you as we near the publication date, but for now, what do you think about the covers?

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Goodness. I can not believe that it has been eight whole years since big Memi was born.
Memi, you are such a creative, seriously funny, smart, brave, fearless and passionate person.
We are so honoured and grateful to be on this journey with you.


Happy Birthday!
We all love you so very much!

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Through our Day with Wool and Wisdom

I was washing the dishes, mentally making a to-do list for the day, and watching Memi, Boo and Caillou, who were having a pretend tea party.
Caillou was asking Memi to pour tea from her cup into his, and he was getting quite frustrated with the lack of tea-pouring.
Memi spoke up:

I can’t fill your cup when my cup is empty! I need to fill my cup first.

I looked at the dishes and the long to-do list, and I thought that really, that was the wisest thing I had heard all day.
Behind the dishes, in my knitting basket, I spotted a ball of alpaca wool I had picked up a little while ago, and so I decided to fill my cup, all of our cups, to forget about the dishes and anything else on that to-do list, and just have a slow and happy day.

I pulled out a handful of new books I had put aside for moments just like these, and we read while I knit, helpful little hands turning pages while I added row after row to one of my favourite patterns.


I knit through the morning while the little ones coloured and did crafts,


I added a row or two while Memi read her books nearby,


and stitch by stitch the ball of wool grew smaller and my project grew larger.
I added a few stitches here or there between countless cups of tea and boardgames,


and fit in a few rows while planning our Autumn curriculum.


There is a part in the pattern where you have to snip off the thread. I carefully cut it, but I must have looked worried, because Memi gave me a quizzical look.
Snipping the thread is so scary to me, because once you cut it there is no going back“, I explained.
Memi crinkled her nose and gave it some thought: “Unless you just tie it back together, Mama.“, she said and skipped away.
Mh, yes. There is always that. More unexpected wisdom, nothing is really ever the end.

I knit through cooking dinner, through after-dinner story time, and then, just when it was starting to get dark outside, it was done.


A little gnome friend, stuffed with wool and lavender just in time for bedtime stories.


(This little gnome is a pattern I used to knit a lot while I was pregnant with Caillou. It is my go-to quick knit, a pattern simple enough to know by heart and knit around a happy day spent with little ones.)

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