Happy Purim

Hello lovely friends!
Goodness, I have neglected this little space here a bit. We have all been rather poorly over the last week, and between sniffles and bed rest we really did not get up to anything other than stories, books and a whole lot of tea. (Which is absolutely fine with me, to be honest…)
Yesterday we celebrated Purim, which is my favourite holiday, it’s all about food and dressing up.


We made special cookies and celebrated, it was lovely.


Happy Purim!

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Crochet Pattern – The Domovoi or House Elf

A Domovoi is a mythical creature, a kind of house elf who lives with families. When people are kind to each other and look after their home the Domovoi will be kind and will help look after the house. He will water the plants and dust, things like that. When people are not kind, when they do not clean or tidy and when they argue, the Domovoi plays tricks on people and hides things. You will put your keys on the table and return to find that they are gone. You will search everywhere only to find them back on the table, right where you left them.


We have always had a Domovoi, and Caillou has always loved him most. He kept saying that he would really like the Domovoi to have a body, so that we could hug him and so that we would always know where he is.
I made this Domovoi based on a toy I had when I was little, and I thought I’d write the pattern out for you so you can make your very own house elf.


Domovoi / House Elf

You will need:

Approximately 100g of yarn,
(I used a colour for the shoes, one colour for the trousers and hat, one colour for the shirt, one colour for the face and one colour for the beard.)
Safety Eyes
Crochet hook in the right size for your yarn to obtain a tightly made fabric with no holes

The elf is crocheted in continuous rounds, do not join your stitches at the end.


(Make 2)

1. With the shoe colour 2 , 6SC into the 2nd stitch from the hook. (6)
2. SC 2x into each stitch. (12)
3. (SC 2x, SC) all the way around. (20)

4. to 8. SC

Swap to your main colour and start stuffing the legs lightly as you go.

8.- 36. SC and continue to stuff lightly as you construct the leg.

Leave a loop and do not tie off, but simply snip the yarn.
Place a stitchmarker to secure your last stitch.

Make another leg in the same way.



When you have made the second leg, hold both legs next to each other and insert your crochet hook through the very last stitch on both legs. You will have two loops on your hook.


SC the two stitches together as well as the next five stitches.


37. SC around the remainder of the body, ignoring the line of SCs that connects your two legs. You are just going around the outside.


38. SC all stitches.

39. (2 SC, SC) all the way around.

40. – 48. SC all stitches , remembering to stuff lightly as you go.

Switch to the next colour. This will be your elf’s shirt.


48. – 55. SC all stitches.

Switch to the face colour.

55.-62. SC all stitches, then add safety eyes before stuffing the face lightly.

Change to the colour you used for the trousers,

63. Sc all

64. ( 3 SC , decrease) all the way around

65. – 68. SC all

69. (2 SC, decrease)

70. – 73. SC all

74. Decrease stitches until you have only one stitch left, tie off.


Now you can attach a beard to your Domovoi.
I like to wrap white wool around three of my fingers held together and then snip it in one place to create long strands of wool.
Push your crochet hook through a stitch where the shirt colour and face colour meet,


pull up the middle of one of the beard strands, pull it through the stitch and make a slip-knot by pulling both ends of the white wool through the loop.


Continue like this all the way around the face and the back of the head.
You can do this step whenever you like, but I like to do it before adding arms as I find they get in the way a bit.

(Make 2)

With the same colour as the face

1. Chain 2, 4 SC into second chain from the hook. (4)

2. 2 SC into each stitch (8)

3.-7. SC

Switch to the same colour as the shirt.


8.- 30. SC all stitches, bind off.
Remember to stuff the arms lightly as you go.

Make another arm the same way.

SC the arms onto the body.


Now our Domovoi just needs a nose!


With the same colour as the face
1. Chain 3, 2 SC into second stitch from the hook.
2. 2 SC into each stitch. (6)
3.-6. SC all stitches.
Tie off and sew the nose to the face.


That’s it!
Your very own Domovoi or house elf, ready for mischief!
I hope you enjoyed this pattern, I’m so excited to share it with you!


Have a beautiful day!

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Watercolour Animal Silhouette Craft

The bear is our family animal, and we wanted to add a small and simple painting of a bear to our living-room.
Watercolour silhouettes are really quick and easy, and you can even use old watercolour scraps you already have!
It’s a great craft for all ages and abilities.


You will need:

White card
Watercolour paints


How to:

Start by painting a piece of card completely with watercolour paints.
If you already have a scrap painting you’d like to use, you can skip this step.


Let your painting dry completely.
Print or draw the silhouette of the animal you want to make and cut it out carefully to create a sort of stencil or frame in the shape of the animal.


Place your animal silhouette on top of your watercolour painting.


Once you have found the perfect placement for the stencil you can glue the animal shape in place and put your picture into a frame!



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