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Rainbow Curtains

Anthony knows that, when I start a sentence with “Please don’t think I’m crazy,…“, I probably have some sort of (crazy) plan. “Please don’t think I’m crazy,..but do we have a cable long enough for me to iron the playroom … Continue reading

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Colour and a Waldorf Playroom Sneak Peek

We are working on creating a beautiful Waldorf playroom for the little ones, in what used to be our living room. Our weekend has been absolutely amazing, and filled with a whole lot of dyeing, crafting, cutting, painting, sticking, sewing … Continue reading

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Baking Pinecones

Yesterday we went out to collect a few pinecones. Whenever we gather pinecones we make sure to bake them in the oven. When you bake pinecones they open fully and release sap, which makes your whole home smell wonderful. The … Continue reading

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