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Watercolour Animal Silhouette Craft

The bear is our family animal, and we wanted to add a small and simple painting of a bear to our living-room. Watercolour silhouettes are really quick and easy, and you can even use old watercolour scraps you already have! … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year Craft – Coin Stamped Red Envelopes

It is traditional to celebrate Chinese New Year by giving red envelopes with money to friends and family. We wanted to honour this tradition, so we created this craft that doubles as a decoration in the time leading up to … Continue reading

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Making a giant Ojo de Dios

Today all my little people are ill. The sniffles started a few days ago, after a poorly timed last-ever trip to our favourite beach, and by last night there was nothing but fever, sniffles and snuggles. We needed a project … Continue reading

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