I am so sorry for being away for so long, we have all been ill with the flu for the last two weeks. Everyone is slowly feeling better, thank goodness.

Recently, on Hank-the-Dog’s morning walks, Memi has been befriending wild rabbits. They love her, and she adores them right back, and so, when someone locally decided they could no longer look after their bunnies, we knew it was time.


Fluffy and BunBun joined our family yesterday. A large part of today was spent brushing these sweet bunnies, cutting away matted fur, moving them to a larger cage, reading stories to them and sharing vegetables.


These bunnies are so gentle and lovely, we feel so blessed to have them in our life. They are happy to sit and listen to stories, to be carried around for a tour of the house, and just generally to be loved by the little ones.


With these bunnies comes a whole new set of daily chores, all good preparation for looking after animals. The little ones have learned a whole lot already.


Life is good.

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2 Responses to Bunnies

  1. Janet says:

    I am glad you are all feeling a bit better day by day. The flu takes a lot out of a person and takes a while to bounce back from.

    The bunnies are super cute! Congratulations to the new additions to your home! It is good to teach responsibility to children at a young age. From personnal experience it has worked well from my point of view as the parent of three adults.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. hanagirlmaui says:

    Oh my goodness! So adorable! We too added a BunBun to our family. And he’s a 3 month old Lionhead. My 3.5 year old daughter isn’t too keen on how much attention he needs (all that brushing and he hasn’t lost his baby fur yet), but she likes him!

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