Grateful Friday

This week has been absolutely amazing. It has been slow, filled with boardgames, stories, knitting, tea and candles.
Today my heart is full of gratitude, because today we gave Memi her Happy Box.
So many of our friends and family contributed to this beautiful box just to cheer up our big girl who was feeling sad after learning that her arm simply can not be healed.
She had the biggest smile on her face when she opened the box, and I am so very grateful for that smile. I am grateful that even people who we did not know very well just yet sent heartfelt wishes and beautiful things for our Memi. (This wonderful journal came from Beth and her family. Thank you!)


I am grateful that the first words that came out of Memi’s mouth were “I am going to be writing a lot of thank-you cards today, Mama.
There was so much I want to tell you about, so I will leave it at this for now and write more about it a different time.
This week I am grateful for the rainy weather, because there is nothing more cosy than a rainy afternoon spent reading together.
I am grateful for tealights and quilts, for woolly socks and for delicious tea in big jars.


I am grateful for some more cleaning and organising of our learn and play spaces, for cosy nooks, for baskets and for finding an old colouring book behind the shelves. It was perfect as everyone has been feeling just a little bit wintery these last few days.


I am grateful for being able to plan ahead, for knowing when we are about to have a busy week, and for knowing that this means we need to slow down even more the week before.
I am grateful for taking it easy, for knowing that it is okay to just be, for play, for book sales and for afternoons spent crafting by candlelight.


I am grateful for Caillou’s favourite bedtime story and how it has become part of our daily rhythm, for tucking little feet into a nest, for listening to each other’s heartbeat, for holding hands and for Memi and Caillou always, always including big Georgie in their games.

I am also grateful for Caillou’s big heart and for how much he likes to help other people.
This year, for the very first time, Caillou is taking part in a walk for charity. He is raising money for disadvantaged children, and he is so very excited to be doing something to help.
We would really be so truly grateful if you could spare just a little bit of money to sponsor Caillou. 100% of your donation will go directly to Barnardo’s children’s charity.

If you could spare even just one dollar or pound, it would absolutely mean the world to Caillou. He is so proud and happy to know that he is helping other children, just like a real superhero.
The Barnardo’s Big Toddle will be space themed, which is perfect. Caillou will be taking along his Adventure Pack and wearing an astronaut costume, too!
What are you grateful for?
Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Beth says:

    How lovely,am so glad Memi opened her box, what a wonderful mama you are x

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