Rainbow Curtains

Anthony knows that, when I start a sentence with “Please don’t think I’m crazy,…“, I probably have some sort of (crazy) plan.
Please don’t think I’m crazy,..but do we have a cable long enough for me to iron the playroom carpet?
Please don’t think I’m crazy,..but when you go to the shop, can you please buy 52 oranges?
On Saturday it went something like this.
Please don’t think I’m crazy,..but I’d like to dye the playroom net-curtains rainbow coloured!
To my surprise AJ actually just said “That sounds lovely!”, and so, when the little ones were tucked safely into bed that night, I dyed the playroom curtains.


I figured the worst that could happen would be that we may end up with an enormous rainbow curtain for our playstands, and a fun story to tell when the little ones are older.
(“Do you remember that time Mama went a bit crazy and dyed the curtains rainbow coloured?”)
Luckily, we love it, and so do the little ones. It makes the entire playroom feel so, so cosy and warm, and it really makes it a much more cheerful space, too.
I already have lots of plans for more dyed curtains, and how fun would it be to change the colours around for each season? Autumn will definitely be orange and red, though we have picked a more gentle collection of colours for the children’s bedrooms.

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11 Responses to Rainbow Curtains

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful, you can never have too many rainbows!

  2. lovehandmade says:

    wow , so beautiful i need to know how and what dye etc, i’m so inspired !

    • Miri Flower says:

      Thank you! Soaking fabric in a hot mixture of salt and vinegar for up to an hour works well for us, and then all you have to do is put your fabric into some food colouring. Let it sit for anything between half an hour to a whole day, depending on the result you are looking for. It’s best to try it out on a few different little pieces first to make sure the dye sets and the colours look nice.

  3. I love your curtains! they look so whimsical and pretty. I might have to copy this for a window here that I have been thinking and thinking about!

  4. Gillian says:

    Oh wonderful I too am going to attempt this !

  5. elana says:

    this is so beautiful and i was planning on making something very similar in our new home but not sure what fabric to use. any recommendations? also how do you get the rainbow effect? do you die each color individually and than wait before the next color? thank you for any info!

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