Grateful Friday

I am so, so grateful for this week. It has been amazing. It feels like we are finally back to (our) normal. We have been crafting, playing and just generally been having lots of fun.
We have been working hard on turning the open-plan downstairs of our home into a preschool / homeschool classroom, and we are making lots of progress. There are still a few changes and DIYs planned, but overall our little home is working so much better for us now.
This week I am grateful for our Nature Table, for collecting interesting nature bits on our walks, and for our seasonal window display. I’m still so very happy with it!


This week I am also grateful for lots of paint, glue, tiny scraps of paper and the general mess that happens when little ones are creative. There really is no happier sight than a really messy and busy table full of paintings, crafts and works in progress.


I’m so grateful for our new reading corner, also still a work in progress but already much loved and used.


I am also grateful for our Solstice plans for tomorrow, for a whole bunch of glittery hula-hoops that are everyone’s new favourite toy, and for making old toys more fun by changing them around a bit.


This week I am particularly grateful for TeachersPayTeachers. (And a husband who happily buys and prints everything I need. Thank you, Anthony!) It has been a real blessing recently when planning our unit studies and school projects. We will spend the next three months learning, crafting and discovering all about the solar system.


I am so very much looking forward to tomorrow’s Summer Solstice celebration, I will try to snap a few pictures during all the busy crafts and preparations, but in case I don’t quite remember to share them in time, I am wishing you all a very happy and bright Summer Solstice.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. sarah says:

    Looks and sounds amazing!!! :) I’m so very happy for you!
    This week I am grateful for my friends who make soup for me when I feel ill & who travel hundreds of kilometres to visit me.

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