Making a Dinosaur Bone

We spent the last month learning about dinosaurs, fossils and fun things like that.
While it’s all easy to understand in theory, it is a bit tricky to imagine the size of dinosaurs without a little help.
To help us comprehend just how huge dinosaurs really were, we made the leg bone of a brachiosaurus!
We started by changing into our messy crafting clothes and measuring out the average size of a brachiosaurus femur, which is 2.03m.


We then cut out big bone shapes from a huge cardboard box and painted the first bone shape with a mixture of glue and water.


We then started scrunching up some old newspapers which Nana and Grandpa had saved for us.


We stuck the scrunched up newspaper onto the glue-covered bone shape and made sure there were no empty spaces.
When we had covered the whole bone shape we covered the second bone with the glue and water mixture and stuck it to the top to make a sort of newspaper and cardboard sandwich.


We wrapped the whole thing tightly with painter’s tape and covered it in a layer of newspaper which we stuck down with glue.


When our bone had dried we painted it with a mix of yellow and brown, which, according to Memi, is just the right colour for fossils!


That’s it, that is how we built a brachiosaurus bone!


The little ones were very impressed with the size of just one of the bones from the leg of a brachiosaurus. We also took it outside to measure how tall a whole brachiosaurus would have been compared to things like the house, Hank, trees and lots of other things.

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  1. Sian says:

    That’s amazing. What a good way of getting an understanding of the sheer size of these animals :-)

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