A Gingerbread House

Today our Advent Calendar said “Build a Gingerbread House!” , and who are we to argue with that?
We walked to the shop to pick up lots of fun supplies, icing sugar, decorations and all those fun things.
We wanted our Gingerbread House to be completely edible!


We spent over two hours decorating our house,


everyone worked together,


and even though quite a few of the decorations were eaten in process…


…I absolutely love the final creation!


I present to you our family Gingerbread House!

The roof is tiled with white and brown chocolate buttons, and the trees are made with upside-down icecream cones covered with green icing and decorated with colourful smarties.


Gretel’s snowman is made of three white marshmallows. He has pretzel arms and is wearing a chocolate button top hat.


The last thing we did was putting some icing sugar into a sieve to add snow to our magical, wintery Gingerbread scene.


Well, that’s not quite right..The last thing we did was eat our Gingerbread House, of course!
It was delicious!


The little ones are already making plans for our next Gingerbread House. They want to build a life-sized one, which according to this Life-size Gingerbread House Infographic would only cost £66,037.05. (We better start saving!)
Have a beautiful day!

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