Grateful Friday

Grateful Friday

This week has been amazing, incredible, busy and inspiring, with unexpected blessings everywhere.
I am so very grateful for all the good things which are currently happening in our little family!
I am grateful for the fun crafts from our new weekly curriculum. This week we are learning all about camping, and it has been so much fun!
(Look at the smile on that squishy! How blessed are we? I love this little guy so very much!)


I am grateful for an absolutely incredible opportunity for our family, I can not share it just yet, but I feel so very blessed to be part of it!
I am grateful for back-to-school sales, because really, who does not love stocking up on craft supplies?!


I am grateful that we have finally sorted out life insurance around here a little while ago, it’s something so easily forgotten or overlooked!
I am grateful for hurting my back, because it was exactly what I needed to slow down this week. Not being able to walk for three days, well, it made for a nice break, a reason to just sit and be.
I am grateful for iMessage, coffee, friends and good books to keep me company!


(I am currently reading my way through Robert Crais‘ Elvis Cole series, I’m on book number 5, Voodoo River.)

This week I am also grateful for my brilliant friend Betty who “Eeeeeks” with me at exciting news, for my lovely friend Vikki who is really good at listening and at visualising good things, for Rosaleen who looks out for me always, for my lovely Mama who is always there for me and supports me, for food cooking in the crockpot, for wisdom from my wise friend Regina and for always, always looking on the bright side of things.
Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends!

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