Autumn Leaf Lantern

With Autumn approaching so quickly there are so many beautiful leaves to be found.
We like to press them and make these beautiful glass jar lanterns.
They are easy to make and look really lovely on your Nature Table or as a simple centerpiece for your dining table.

Start by going for a Nature Walk and collect some leaves in beautiful Autumn colours.


To press these leaves, place them on some baking paper on a heat-proof surface.


Cover them with a second sheet of baking paper and gently iron them.


To make the lantern you will need your favourite pressed leaves, a glass jar and a mixture of two parts white glue and one part water.


Cover your entire jar with the glue and water mixture. I like using a sponge to do this, but a paintbrush will also work.


Gently attach the leaves to the glass jar. Thin leaves will work better, as will leaves that are not quite crunchy yet.


Now all you need to do is wait for the glue to dry. It will dry clear, leaving you with a beautiful Autumn glass jar lantern.


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