Tree Weaving

{ We are working on a very exciting new project regarding our weekly themed curriculum around here. As of next week our curriculum will begin to be available to you for free on a separate site. This is mainly so that it will all be collected in one place, making it easy for you to join in, collect ideas and plan your own crafts and activities alongside us. I am really looking forward to sharing that and more with you on Sunday! }

We love making these beautiful tree weaving displays, and now is a brilliant time to start. The leaves around here have just started to turn orange and any treasures we might find on our nature walks look beautiful when we display them this way.
It is really easy to start your own tree weaving, you will only need some embroidery thread, a forked tree branch, some shiny beads and nature treasures to display.


We start by threading our beads onto the embroidery thread.


Then we tie one end of the thread onto one of the branches and start wrapping it around the branches in a number eight shape. While we do this we always leave a few beads in each section.


The finished branch already looks beautiful.


Now you can add bits of wool, leaves and any other treasures you might have.


It looks great on the Nature Table, but it also looks beautiful as a wall decoration.


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