Weekly Theme : Rain : Day 3

We had hoped that it would rain today as we had some rain experiments on our to-do list.
As the day grew sunnier and sunnier we used the opportunity to talk about why we need rain and what happens when it does not rain. We looked at pictures of deserts and noted the absence of crops and plants.
This led us to think about people living in places like Africa.
We like the book Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. There is also another wonderful story that we talked about, we borrowed the book from the library many years ago and I have since been trying to remember the title. It is about a little girl who goes to stay with her grandmother in Africa. The grandmother’s home is made of red clay and there are many beautiful animal sculptures, too. One day the big rains come and the girl watches in amazement as everyone in the village dances and sings while their clay homes, pots and sculptures get washed away by the rain. When the rain stops everyone rebuilds their homes. It is such a nice story about gratitude, new beginnings and looking on the bright side of things.
As it was still not raining we decided to make a rain maker.
I used a nail to poke holes into a cardboard tube and the little ones added toothpicks to the holes.


We kept adding toothpicks until our tube looked pretty spiky.


I used scissors to snip off the ends of the toothpicks. (Tip: Hold on the the end which you are snipping off.)


When we had used up all our toothpicks we folded one end of our cardboard roll closed and taped it in place.


Now everyone took turns adding rice to our rainmaker.


We added about 1 1/2 cups of rice. I then folded the other end of the rainmaker and taped it in place and then wrapped the whole rainmaker in brown packing Paper and sticky tape. We then covered it in blue paper and decorated it.
Emily drew the water cycle onto it and then everyone helped to stick shiny gems onto it.


It makes a wonderful, rainy sound and was lots of fun to build.


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