Weekly Theme : Rain : Day 1

These days I often get questions about just exactly how we do school and which curriculum we use.
Our lesson plan consists of weekly themes, each theme starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday.
I have spent a lot of time working out just the right mix of things for us and have organised our weekly themes to fit in with major holidays, seasons and things like that.
I thought it might be fun to share it with you!

This week’s theme is Rain.

We start by introducing the weekly theme by reading a book that related to the theme.

This week we started by reading Why Does It Rain? and Rain!.

We then learned a song about rain:

It’s raining, it’s pouring,
the old man is snoring.
He wen’t to bed and bumped his head
and he can’t get up in the morning.

I had prepared a raincloud made from card paper and little raindrops with the letters of Arthur, Emily and George’s names, so we pretended that it was raining paper drops and then each child picked out the letters from their name.


We used scissors and sticky tape to attach the raindrops to our cloud with some blue embroidery thread.
We then measured who had the longest name.


As it was raining outside we thought it might be fun to make it rain inside, too. We poured steaming hot water into a glass jar, covered it with a plate and put ice-cubes on top of the plate.


We talked about how the hot water is turning into a vapour which rises to the top of the jar and how the ice-cubes cool down the vapour which then forms raindrops, causing it to rain inside our jar.


It was really interesting for the little ones to observe how rain works on such a small scale.


We will be learning about rain all week and we have lots of fun things planned.
I am really hoping to start sharing each of our weekly themes and the activities involved.

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