Going on Parent – Child Dates

We love going on parent & child dates, and spring is a great time for it.
These activities don’t have to be expensive to be fun!
I thought I’d share a list of our favourite one-on-one activities with you!

Our Favourite Parent and Child Solo Dates:


The Museum

Taking pencils and a sketchpad along to a museum is a fun way to spend time with each other. You can talk about which paintings you love most and try to draw some of them yourself.

The Library

The library is a great place to spend a whole day together. Look at some new books, read old favourites and at the end of the day take home some books, too.


The Movies

Seeing the newest fun movie together while eating popcorn is lots of fun. It can be expensive when taking everybody, so it’s an ideal solo date activity!

Pottery Painting

We just love going to pottery painting places, it’s fun to paint together and be creative, and at the end of the day you go home with a beautiful keepsake or perfect grandparent-present!
(There are some brilliant and creative pottery painting ideas on Pinterest!)

Go on a picnic together

Just take a few blankets, make some sandwiches and bake a cake and then
go out to the park to enjoy the weather and each other’s company!
We love baking fresh flatbread to eat, and the baking is all part of the fun, too.


Going to a Cafe

In the spring and summer it is absolutely brilliant to sit outside in the sunshine sipping iced tea or eating ice cream, in the colder seasons you can sit together and drink warm tea and hot chocolate. It’s a great opportunity to talk to each other and connect.

Going to a Restaurant

Little ones will feel very grown up when you invite them to a special dinner at a restaurant! Dress up in your fanciest clothes, maybe even take a taxi and go to your favourite restaurant. This activity does cost money, but it’s worth it for this special night out.

What are some of your favourite things to do with your little ones?
Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

Have a beautiful day!

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2 Responses to Going on Parent – Child Dates

  1. We have two things we like doing.one is to go to mudeford quay do some crab finshing and look at the fish stall.and have a walk along the beach with a ice cream next one is going to the new forest and seeing all the new baby fools at a place called boltons beech and too play games and to look at all the wildlife there.

  2. Isla says:

    Yes, what a great idea! We love parent & child dates, but they don’t happen as regularly as I wish.
    We go to the cafe, the cinema, for a walk, shopping, the restaurant, to the library and other special places (like a show, or a museum, a workshop, etc.)