Peppa Pig’s Theme Park Party

Today we had the honour of celebrating Peppa Pig’s Theme Park Party at Peppa Pig World.
We had such an incredibly wonderful day, I am still smiling and all the little ones are still talking about how much fun we had. I thought I would share some photos of our visit to the park with you!
We started making plans this morning in bed, thinking about all the fun rides everyone wanted to see.
Arthur picked Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, Emily wanted to to try a rollercoaster and George wanted to see Daddy Pig’s Car. On the way to the park we picked up a map for the little ones, so Emily spent the car journey looking for more rides to try!


We arrived at Paulton’s Park early, around the same time the rides open. We were greeted by a member of staff and then we were ready to enjoy the rides.


We started our day at Peppa Pig World, of course!

The first ride of the day ended up being The Balloon Ride.
The little ones loved being up high in the sky and being able to see many of the other rides!


In preparation for the party we had been sent a box of Peppa Pig toys to try out, so I thought I’d tell you a bit about these lovely toys before I continue telling you about our day.
The Peppa Pig Balloon Ride toy was everyone’s favourite!
In the balloon ride toy you put little Peppa Pig characters into little balloon baskets, pull up the pole and then watch the balloons spin down again quickly. The little playset also includes an adorable test-your-strength with working bell and a teeny-tiny souvenir stall.

photo 3

We also received a big set of Peppa Pig collectable characters, they were the perfect little passengers for our little toy rides!

photo 1

Another fun toy is the Ferris Wheel, which includes little baskets that hold your characters. The dents in the baskets fit both large and small characters, and the baskets are removable which makes the toy more durable as they won’t snap off.

photo 4

We adored this really fun Jumping In Muddy Puddles Peppa Pig , you press her tummy and she jumps up and down and talks. Arthur loves pressing the button and jumping up high in the air with Peppa. It’s quite amazing to watch because despite jumping pretty high she never falls over!

photo 2

George loved this adorable little train we were sent, each part does a different action when you pull the train along, the cupcake spins and the dinosaur moves up and down.

photo 2 (1)

As we had the toys to prepare for our visit our next stop was to find Grandpa Pig’s Train to ride.
The train took us through an adorable landscape of plastic trees and flowers!


We enjoyed many of the other rides. Emily and her cousin C braved a fast rollercoaster together, we saw a lot of tropical birds and enjoyed a trip on Grandpa Pig’s Boat!


The last ride we went on was Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, Arthur was so proud, being up high in the helicopter, waving at birds and trees and clouds.


To relax a bit before the beginning of the twitter Party we went to a fun outdoor play area and played.


George and Arthur loved exploring the little wooden train,


and Emily and her lovely cousin C had a lot of fun, too.


Everything in Peppa Pig World is so adorable! I loved this giant ladybird!


After our little play we joined the Peppa Pig twitter party where we ate lots of lovely food, coloured, played and made new friends.
Thank you so much for a wonderful day, we have had so much fun and can hardly wait to go back to the park!

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