Spring Book List ( And some Spring Apps, too!)

I just love Spring! I’m glad it is finally time for all the flowers to grow and I can’t wait to see some more of the sun!
To get us all into the right mood I have put together our Spring Book Basket, and I thought I’d share our Spring reading List with you, as well as a few suggestions for fun iPad apps for this lovely time!


Spring Book List

We love Golden Books and you will always find at least one of them in each of our Book baskets!

Two Little Gardeners

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Postman Pat’s Rainy Day
This book is usually found in out Autumn Book Basket, but it seemed fitting for the kind of weather we have been having.

spring 1

Each Peach Pear Plum

We just adore this book! Emily still knows all the words by heart and Arthur is quickly learning which of the fairy tale characters is about to make an appearance!

A Letter For Tiger

Sunshine by Jan Ormerod

The Story of the Little Mole

Arthur absolutely adores this storybook, and growing up it was one of my favourites, too. It’s not the most pleasant of subjects to read about, but the little ones find it hilarious.

Why Is The Sky Blue?

Why Does The Wind Blow?

I could not find copies of these books online, they are fun science books with experiments.

Mission: Explore – Food

This book is an interactive food and gardening journal type book that explores where food comes from; even meat.
It’s fun for older children and Emily has just started exploring it with us.

Each Breath A Smile

This book has always been in our meditation book basket, ti is a lovely reminder to take a deep breath and be present in the moment.

spring 2

As we are starting to introduce screen time to our little ones I thought I’d share some of the fun iPad apps that we have been enjoying around here recently, too. You might be able to find these apps for other tablet devices, too.


Elin’s House

Toca Boca Hair Salon

Toca Boca Kitchen

My Horse

Mr Potato Head

Fruit Ninja

What are you reading and playing these days?
Have a lovely day!

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One Response to Spring Book List ( And some Spring Apps, too!)

  1. cass says:

    Actually one of the books we’re reading is the Little Words for Big Kids book you had in your giveaway. We bought that and the Verbal Maths book as well – my DD loves them both a lot! Since we are heading into autumn now it’s the time to start bringing out an extra layer of clothes, although we are still reaching 30 degrees on Friday this week (so may still make it to the beach for a swim in autumn, yay!).