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The fourth plague: Flies.

“If you will not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies on you and your servants and your people, and into your houses. And the houses of the Egyptians shall be filled with swarms of flies, and also the ground on which they stand.”

We had lots of fun making these creepy flies. I have yet to decide whether to put them up on the wall, but they definitely make it easy to remember the fourth plague!


To make your own funny flies you will need:

White card
Black paint (You can buy black card and skip the painting step, my little ones enjoy painting, but I know many children who don’t!)
Bubble wrap (We got our bubble wrap from the inside of envelopes.)
Packaging material


Start by painting your card completely black. If you are using black card you can obviously skip this step.


When the paint has dried cut out an oval from your card. This will be the body of your fly.


Cut out circles from the bubble wrap; these will be the eyes!


Cut the wings from packaging material or more bubble wrap.


Glue the different parts to your oval.


That’s all you need to do for this super fun fly craft!
If you like you can attach pipecleaner legs and a nose, too. We thought that they might end up looking a little bit too scary, so we left them like this.
Make lots!

You can find all the Ten Plagues Crafts in the Ten Plagues Category, I will be adding them as I share them with you, so make sure to check back for new ideas!

Have a wonderful day!

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